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Taggart is following his plan and reinforcing it with catching phrasing.

“Do Something” is a mantra of Willie Taggart, but was it meant to replace Chip Kelly’s mantra “Win The Day”? I don't think so. Rival fans and a few Duck fans seem unimpressed with the “Do Something” mantra, but I think it's brilliant!

There is a bigger message in play from Taggart that he is sending out to his players. He is putting his stamp on the Oregon football program stressing things like being accountable and doing so with pride. 

"Do something, make no excuses and blame no one," have been things Taggart has mentioned often particularly when he is talking about the attitude he wants his players to possess.

He’s even gone as far as calling for “an enthusiasm unknown to mankind!”

Taggart and his staff are smart, driven and social media savvy. One only needs to look up Taggart or any of the other staff members on Twitter and see that tweets daily posting inspirational messages and encouragement.

When Taggart arrived at Oregon he developed a plan that would be implemented in five phases.

Phase 1: Off-season training, get in shape.

Phase 2: Spring practice implement scheme.

Phase 3: Take pride when no one's watching, get in shape, study film and work out together; become a family.

Phase 4: Come back to fall camp in shape and ready to play.

Phase 5: Season starts and time to kick some tail.

The plan along with the themes to take accountability, strive for success and appreciate what you (the players) have at Oregon are well thought out. Taggart understands the history of Oregon football and wants his players to remember the great athletes that came before such as, Ahmad Rashad, Dan Fouts, Joey Harrington, Haloti Ngata, Jonathan Stewart and Marcus Mariota.  

A tradition. 

Taggart also has taken some of things of previous coaching regimes such as recognizing the Armed Forces at the Spring Game, the Lady Ducks football clinic. He’s also reached out to speakers such as Brenda Tracy to talk to the team about personal conduct.

A legacy.

This is a well coordinate plan and structure to rebuild the Oregon football program into the perennial power house it so rightfully deserves.

So, while some mantra might have changed, the message is still very clear and very much from Willie Taggart; and as he says in his signature final comment when he meets with media, fans and supporters, “Have a Great Day If You Want To!”

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