3-star DE Allen Love

Allen Love, Huffman High School-Magnet, Birmingham, Ala., is a 3-star defensive tackle and has been talking to Mario Cristobal, Oregon offensive line coach recently. Read to see what Love has to say about his interest in Oregon.

Have you had any contact with the Oregon staff?

AL: I spoke with Coach Cristobal last month.

Did he offer you? How much interest in Oregon do you have?

AL: No. Not yet, and I have lots of interest in Oregon.

When you and Coach Cristobal last talked what did he have to say?

AL: We just caught up; we had not talked since he had left Alabama to go to Oregon. He asked how I was doing, I asked him about Oregon, and how I would love to be recruited there.

Have you been to Oregon before, is distance a factor?

AL: No, I have not been, I have no problem with leaving the state (Alabama).

What is it about the Ducks that has your interest?

AL:  I love how fast they play, and their defense.

How is recruiting going in general? How many offer? Who was the most recent?

AL: It's going great, I have 28 offers and Ole Miss was my most recent one.

Current height/weight/squat/bench numbers?

AL: I am 6-3,  285.  I squat 525 and  bench 325.

Do you have any visits or plans set for summer?

AL: Yes, will be there next month, got about five visit set for June.

In Oregon next month?

AL: I will see, hope too.

Are you friends with Coynis Miller?

AL: Yes more like brothers we always together

Oh cool, I talked with him yesterday, cool dude. Do you guys want to play at the same college?

AL: Yes, we talk about that a lot, and probably will go to the same school, but we don't know right now.

Understandable, tell me about the strengths of your game, and areas you want to work on heading into the summer before your senior season?

AL: I am quick, strong, and I can use my hand well. I want to work on keeping my motor high and going hard every play.

How do you and Coynis know each other?

AL: We live in the same city, and both great athletes so we would play against each other. We started talking, and now that is like my brother, my right hand man.

Do you play other sports?

AL: I do track and field, but mostly focus on football.

What do you do for fun and to relax?

AL: Chill with family, play the game, and workout. I like to play Madden and 2K online with my friends.

What the scariest thing you have every done?

AL: Probably huge roller coaster at Six Flags, it was scary, but fun, really loved it.

What do you like to spend money on?

AL: Probable Nike.

What your favorite Holiday?

AL: Christmas.

If you could be any age for a week, what age and why?

AL: I would love to be 22 at the NFL draft.

Thanks for the update!

AL: Thank you.


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