3-star DE Randy Charlton

Maimi Southridge High School has a big defensive end in Randy Charlton and recently he received an offer from Oregon. We spoke with Charlton about his offer plus learned some interesting things about this young man.

Hello Randy, congrats on Duck offer, which coach extend the offer?

RC: Thanks, Defensive Coordinator Coach Leavitt. 

How much interest in the Ducks do you have?

RC: Very interested in the Ducks. 

How big of a factor is distance for you and your family?

RC: In a way it is. 

Do you think Oregon will get one of your five official visits?

RC: Yes sir. 

What did Coach Leavitt discuss with you?

RC: Can I let you know after practice? 

(Conversation continues)

How was practice?

RC: Great just hit the shower. Practice was great; we worked on stabbing the “V” of the neck. 

How is your team looking heading into your senior year?

RC: Looking solid, few things to work on. 

What your current height and weight?

RC: I am 6-4’, 210. I would like to be 240 by the start of the seasons. I had my appendix removed five weeks ago and lost weight. 

So as a young man growing up in Florida, where does the interest in Oregon come from?

RC: I always looked at Oregon as that flashy, speedy type of team, and then when one of my bros that I grew up with decided to sigh with Ducks it was a wow moment. 

You have some family/friends that go to Oregon.

RC: Billy Gibson, we won State together. He and (James) Head are like brothers, raised up in the same community. 

Nice, Billy had a sweet pick in the Spring Game. Have you talked/text with him recently? If so, what he saying about Eugene?

RC: Yea, he telling me that Head and I would love it up there. 

James got an offer recently, are you guys pretty tight?

RC: Really close, treat him like a blood brotha, we played Little League with each other, and since then have always been tight, we planned on going to the same college. 

Do you still play baseball?

RC: No, I played  some basketball too,  but not anymore. 

What do you like to do away from sports for fun or to chill?

RC: I will go fishing, beach, chill with my cousins, play 7on7. 

Take away NFL, what is your dream profession?

RC: Become an engineer, working on cars, things in that nature. 

Like restoring old cars?

RC: Yea, I love classic Mustangs. 

Sweet! Can you cook?

RC: I can make deserts like banana pudding, cinnamon buns and rolls. 

Appreciate the update.

RC: Thank you boss! 



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