4-star DE Greg Emerson

A North Side High School of Jackson, Tennessee, has a talented 4-star defensive end in Greg Emerson, who spoke to us about his offer from the Ducks. Emerson received a Duck offer, and has plans to visit Eugene.

Hello Greg how is recruiting going for you? Which Oregon coach have you been talking with, when did the Ducks offer?

GE: Coach Joe (Salave'a), Dline coach. 

How much interest in the Ducks do you have?

GE: Lots of interest. 

Do you think you will visit Oregon?

GE: Yes, I will visit Oregon. 

Did the Ducks stopped by yesterday? (5/11/17)

GE: Yes, Coach Joe came by our school. 

Did you talk about a visit?

GE; Yea, supposed to be coming up in the summer. 

Will you travel with family or friends?

GE: Yes, with family. 

Have you been West before?

GE: Nope, I have never been west. 

What your current height and weight? What weight would you like to be at for the start of your senior season?

GE: I am 6-4.5, 269 and I want to be 265 by the time the season starts. 

Growing up in Tennessee, what is it about the Ducks that has your interest?

GE: Just really everything, 

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