3-star DE James Head Jr.

On Wednesday, James Head, Jr., was offered by Oregon. Head, is a student at at Miami Southridge High School, Miami, Fla., and spoke to us about his recruitment.

Congrats on the Ducks offer!

JHJR: Thanks, I appreciate it. 

Which coach did you talk with, and when did you receive the offer?

JHJR: The DC Coach Leavitt, and it was yesterday (5/10/17). 

What did Coach Leavitt discuss with you, how much interest in the Ducks do you have?

JHJR: Yeah he said they have an interest in me at OLB, and yeah Oregon for sure. 

Have you ever been to Oregon/West Coast before? How big a factor is distance for you and your family?

JHJR: I never been that far away, but I want to leave Florida. 

How is recruiting going in general, how many offers? Was the Ducks offer a surprise?

JHJR: The Oregon offer made it (17), and this was a real surprise. 

What did Coach Leavitt discuss with you?

JHJR: He just talked about his defensive philosophy. 

Your teammate, Randy Charlton also got an Oregon offer; do you guys talk about playing at the same school?

JHJR: I believe so; you might have to ask him. Yes, we have thought about going to the same school. 

You close with Duck Billy Gibson?

JHJR: Yes, Billy and I are very tight. 

Have you talked with him about what Oregon is like?

JHJR: Yes, he talks about how beautiful it is. 

Do you think you will use one of your five official to visit Oregon?

JHJR: Yeah I hope to. 

Congrats on offer, and thank you for the update.

JHJR: Thanks, I appreciate it.


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