Braedin Huffman-Dixon (Blair Angulo)

WR Braedin Huffman-Dixon

Talented wide receiver prospect Braedin Huffman-Dixon, 6-2, 175 is a 2019 recruit and recently received an offer from Oregon. Huffman-Dixon tells us he a "lot" of interest in the Ducks. Read more about Huffman-Dixon's recruitment and get to know some more about this young man from Eleanor Roosevelt High School in Corona, California.


Hello Braedin, congrats on the Oregon offer.

BHD: Thank you sir. 

How much interest in the Ducks do you have?

BHD: I have a lot of interest in Oregon. 

How is recruiting going in general, how many offers do you have?

BHD: It is going pretty well, I have five (UCLA, Georgia, Colorado, ASU, and Oregon). 

Have you ever been to Eugene?

BHD: No, I have not; my family and I are trying to plan a visit though. 

Great list! What are you looking for in a school?

BHD: I am looking for a school where I can come in, and feel like I'm a part of something big.  A school to have that energy and vibe of a family. 

What did Coach Johnson discuss with you?

BHD: He discussed the mindset of the new coaching staff, and what they are looking for in players. 

Can you share kind of what they look for in a recruit?

BHD: I believe they are looking for recruits who have fire, heart and who want to compete at the next level. Players that want to compete against Alabama, Ohio State and Clemson and are not scared of anyone who lines up across them. 

What would you consider the strength of your game? What do you want to work on over the summer?

BHD: My strength has to be my fire, and heart. I love to compete, and I love to win. I am a leader, that’s what I bring to the table for my team, that fire. My physical strength is my long body. I have lengthy arms, which makes it harder for the DB’s to defend and guard me. I have a large catching radius. I want to work on my size; I want to get bigger and stronger, gain weight. 

What is your current height/weight/bench/squat/40 if you have them?

BHD: I'm 6-3, 175; bench 205, squat 315, and 4.49 (in the 40). 

Do you play other sports?

BHD: I run track, and I’m going to get into basketball again. 

Do you have a college or pro wide receiver you look up to or pattern your game after?

BHD: Kenny Lawler Jr. 

Nice, did you grow up a Cal fan?

BHD: No. 

What do you do away from sports for fun/relax?

BHD: I usually spend time either with my family or with friends, which could be going out to dinner or lunch. Hanging out at a friend’s house or even going to the beach or mall. 

What age did you start playing football, what got you interested in the sport?

BHD: I started playing football when I was six, what got me interested was my Dad. He groomed me into the sport, he pushed me, He has been my coach, and still is. 

Perfect pizza?

BH: The perfect pizza is a pizza is bacon and pepperoni. 

What did you do for you latest birthday?

BH: I hung with my family and closest friends for my birthday. 

What your favorite holiday, and why?

BHD: My favorite holiday is Easter Sunday because it is the day Jesus Christ died for our sins. 

Are you afraid of heights? What are you afraid of?

BHD: No, I am not afraid of heights but I am afraid of spiders, I am terrified of them to tell the truth. 

Have you ever taken dance lesions? Whom would you want to dance with?

BHD: No and if I could dance with anyone it would have to be Beyonce. 

What is the most memorable class you have taken?

BHD: The most memorable class would have to be my 8th grade language arts class just because that is my favorite teacher. 

Thank you for the time!

BHD: Thank you.

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