Oregon signed Austin Faoliu last February and he's now ready to enroll and start his college career.

We had a chance to catch up with Austin Faoliu, the 6-4, 285 defensive tackle that signed a National Letter of Intent with Oregon last February and will be arriving to Eugene to enroll for summer session on June 24. Faoliu reviewed the recruiting process and gave us an insight of what is in store for him at Oregon.

Hello Austin, congrats on committing to Oregon! Did you enjoy the recruiting process?

AF: Hi, thank you. I really enjoyed the recruiting process because it was truly a blessing and I never thought that I would have this opportunity to play at the next level.

When do you plan to arrive in Eugene?

AF: I arrive in Eugene June 24.

Are you excited? Do you know whom you will be rooming with?

AF: I am very excited; I do not know who I will be rooming with at this time to be honest.

Did you take all five visits?

AF: I was only able to take three visits because I got all my offers towards the end of my senior season. Time was limited.

Beside Oregon whom else did you visit? Had you not picked Ducks where would you have ended up?

AF: I visited Oklahoma and U of A. Had I not signed with Oregon, I would have went to Oklahoma.

What was it in the end that had you sign with the Ducks?

AF: I signed with the Ducks because I felt at home. I thought Coach Taggart was a great coach, and that the Defensive Line Coach Salave’a was a coach to help me perfect my craft.

Very good, Oregon fans are excited you picked the Ducks. What was the funniest, or possible oddest thing that happen with your recruitment, maybe something a coach said?

AF: Funniest thing I experienced during my recruiting process was all the remarks fans from other colleges were saying.

Do you talk to the staff regularly? Do they have goals/plans for you to work on before getting to Eugene? Exercise routines? Diet? Playbook?

AF: I have just been working out preparing to play as a freshman.

Do you expect to play your freshman year or do you think you want to redshirt?

AF: I am looking to contribute right away.

What is your current height/weight/bench and squat numbers?

AF: I am 6-4, 285; bench: 370, squat: 485.

What do you like to do for fun or to relax away from football?

AF: I like to hang out with my friends and family a lot.

What is your perfect pizza?

AF: My Favorite pizza is Chicken Alfredo with spinach.

What did you do for you latest birthday?

AF: For my latest birthday, I had a party with family.

What your favorite thing to spend money on?

AF: My favorite thing to spend money on is my family and other people that matter to me.

Thanks for update!

AF: Thank you. I would like to add that nothing would be possible if it weren't for the Lord and all the sacrifices my parents have made!

Perfect, again congrats on being a Duck!


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