WR Stephen Guidry

Stephen Guidry, a wide receiver out of Hinds Community College in Raymond, Mississippi was offered by the Oregon Ducks in April. Since then his recruitment has been active and yesterday we had a chance to talk to Guidry about his recruitment.

Hi Stephen, congrats on Ducks offer, when did you get the offer?

SG: I actually got the offer April 9. 

Which coach have you been talking with?

SG: I talk with Coach Mike Johnson. 

How much interest in Oregon do you have?

SG: I have a lot of interest. 

How is recruiting going so far Stephen? How many offers, who was the most recent to offer?

SG: Recruiting is going good, I have close to 23 offers, and Oklahoma Sooners was the most recent to offer. 

Nice, congrats. When was the last time you talked with Coach Johnson? What did you discuss?

SG: We talked Sunday night (6/9/17). We talked about me coming up for an unofficial visit. 

Do you think you will be able to make a visit?

SG: Next weekend (6/24-25), I will be flying out to Eugene. 

What plans do you have for the summer?

SG: I go back to school on the 26th so just working to get myself better. 

Will you be with family or friends on the visit?

SG: I will be traveling with family. 

Have you been to Oregon before? What are you looking for in a school?

SG: I have never been to Oregon, I am looking for the facilities, the environment, see how the coaches are, and of course try on the jersey. 

In regards to school, will you play for Hinds CC this season, and then enroll at D1 School in December? Will that leave you with three years to play two?

SG: Yep, two to play two. 

What your current height/weight?

SG: 6-4, 195. 

Can you describe what type of WR you are?

SG: To be honest, I feel like I can do it all lol. I am fast, I can jump, got for sure hands, I can go up aggressive, possession catch. 

What do you want to work on before the season starts?

SG: I just want to work on getting my shoulder back right. Then I am straight. 

Nice! Did you have surgery? At what percent healthy do you feel it is at?

SG: Dec. 13, and I am at 90 percent. 

Is this your second season at Hinds CC? How has that experience been, what has been your biggest take away from it?

SG: Yes, it is my second season, and it had a lot of up and downs, but I managed to fight through it. 

Good job! Do you have a college or pro WR that you like to follow or pattern your game after?

SG: Odell Beckham and Randy Moss. 

Have you visited any other campus or plans to before school starts?

SG: LSU, and Texas Tech. 

In regards to school, do you have a field you want to study or major you are thinking about?

SG: I would like to study Kinesiology. 

Perfect pizza?

SG: Meat lover. 

Favorite Holiday, and why?

SG: Christmas, because that is the day my family get together, and we party, and you get gifts. 

What did you do for you latest birthday?

SG: Went out with my friends. 

What is the most memorable class you have taken?

SG: American literature. 

Are you afraid of heights? What are you afraid of?

SG: Nope not afraid of heights, and I do not fear anything. 

What your favorite thing to spend money on?

SG: Shoes

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