James Finley: What's The Latest?

It's been a wild ride for former Los Angeles (Calif.) Manual Arts wide receiver James Finley and he hasn't even made it to the Pac 10 yet.

For those who need a refresher, James Finley originally signed two years ago with Oregon State. He didn't qualify out of high school and then backed out of his commitment when former coach Dennis Erickson left to take the head job with the SF 49ers.

Finley then signed with Oregon in March, passed the ACT and was cleared by both the NCAA and the Clearinghouse.

"Just before I was going to leave for Oregon for fall camp, Coach (Don) Pellum (LB coach) called me and said the Pac 10 didn't clear me and they needed me to retake the test again," Finley said. "I couldn't understand it. I had studied so hard and worked my butt off to pass it now they wanted me to take it again.

"Coach Pellum told me I had three options. I could re-take the test, take the Pac 10 to court, or attend a JC and get my AA degree (60 units). I'm at Compton JC now and playing this year. I'm still not sure what I'm going to do. I don't want to take the test again because I don't feel like I should have to. I know the Pac 10 did the same thing with Terrence Whitehead and Oregon actually had to pull him out of practice. I'm taking 18 units this semester and I'm working really hard in the classroom and on the practice field. I'm still hoping to get out to Oregon and Coach Pellum told me they still really want me so we'll just see what happens."

In three games this season, Finley has 17 catches and a touchdown. If he does choose to re-take the SAT, the rules are a player just needs to score within a 100 points of his previous passing score to have it validated. The wide out will then have four years to play three after this season at Compton.

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