Bookies beware.

I'm glad I don't bet, because if I did my old method of looking back on records to try and predict who will win the upcoming Oregon-Washington game gets a little confusing. <br><br> Let's see if I have this straight. <br><br> Notre Dame beat Washington State. Michigan beat Notre Dame. Oregon beat Michigan. Oregon beat Nevada. Nevada beat Washington. <br><br> Hey that really clears it up, but then: <br><br> Washington State beat Oregon. So did Arizona State and Utah.

Utah also beat Cal but Cal beat USC and USC beat Washington.

But then Washington beat Oregon State and Oregon State beat Arizona State and Arizona State beat Oregon.

Hey, Iowa beat Arizona State and Ohio State beat Iowa. Ohio State also beat Washington, but Iowa beat Michigan. Michigan beat Purdue. Purdue beat Wisconsin. Wisconsin beat Ohio State. Then again, Ohio State beat Northwestern. Northwestern beat Kansas. Kansas beat UNLV. UNLV beat Nevada.

Is everyone still up with me?

Kansas also beat Missouri. Missouri beat Texas Tech. Texas Tech beat Texas A&M. Texas A&M beat Utah. Utah beat UNLV. UNLV beat Wisconsin and Wisconsin beat Ohio State. Sorry, I already said that

What I meant to say was Texas Tech beat New Mexico and New Mexico beat Utah and we all remember Utah beat Oregon.

Tonight when you go to your health club, try explaining all of that to your buddies in the locker room.

About the only thing I can predict with any certainty now is that the Ducks will travel to Seattle on Saturday to take on the Huskies. Kickoff is scheduled for 7 p.m. and will be carried nationally on TBS.

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