Martindale Trips...and I mean really trips!

(Editor's note: duckydajhn has climbed down from his lofty viewing perch on PLC long enough to offer this recruiting tidbit from a generally well-unknown recruiting publication. The accuracy of the recruiting publication and duckydajhn's recount of what he read is of course certainly suspect.

From Superpimp:

11/26 MARTY MARTINDALE, Athlete, 5'11, 240, 5.7, RANCHO CUCAMONGA SPA, CA.- On 4/4-Marty favored Cal. "Tom Holmoe seemed liked a really cool guy and Al Borges promised me he could help me pick up chicks." Solid over ORE, UW, STAN, BROWN and TAMMY FAYE'S SCHOOL OF DIVINITY.

- -On 6/7 Martindale moves UW to the top of the leader board. "Bambi Hedges and Ricky did an in-home visit role-playing Charo and Pinnochio that was erotic yet humorous. I didn't realize Ricky can make his nose grow two to three inches just by holding his breath and Bambi starts doing the 'goochie-goochie' routine. They could make really good money in Tijuana!"

- -On 9/7 Martindale sez' "Tammy Faye, take me baby, I'm all yours!"

- -9/8 Marty recants. "I don't know what happened man. You just stare into those lipid pools of ...hell, I don't ev! en know what color those eyes were but it was voodoo I tell you!"

11/26 MARTINDALE narrows his list to ORE and STAN. "I never could find out how Brown's football team was doing so I dropped them. I went to the Stanford-Notre Game Dame (yes, he really said Notre Game Dame, editor) and it was really boring. I think I could help bring excitement to a team that appeared to lack flair and creativity. Plus Ty (Coach Willingham) promised me he could get a private Chardonnay tasting for Chelsea Clinton and me at Cakebread Cellars which would be way cool! The coaches at Oregon seem really cool. They're cool man and I'll trip to see them play the Rodents, which will be way cool! The players and coaches are all creative and intelligent which is cool because I'm cool with that too! Plus Phil Knight said he'd take me up to the Hood River Distillers and stainless steel tank taste the gin and vodka as its offloaded from the tanker ships. That'll be pretty cool."

When asked what position Martindale would play, Oregon Coach Mike Bellotti said, "Martindale is a hybrid. A throwback if you will. He's got the height of a DB but the weight of an OL so we're not sure if we should stretch him or stuff him."
(925, CC, O, A, V, 13.67/46-30 huthut )

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