The BCS Mess

Anyone else out there think that the <u>real</u> national championship game this season is the Fiesta Bowl? Everyone's No. 2 (Oregon) vs. everyone's No. 3 (Colorado). Isn't this a more compelling matchup than Miami-Nebraska? Or are we all still disrespecting the Hurricanes? Do we need a playoff for this? Or were the last few weeks - knocking out Tennessee, Texas and Florida - just as good and more entertaining? Can't we all decide this, once and for all?

Who Got Screwed by the BCS?
Click on a school name to talk it out (by final BCS ranking):

1. Miami Hurricanes

2. Nebraska Cornhuskers

3. Colorado Buffaloes

4. Oregon Ducks

5. Florida Gators

6. Tennessee Volunteers

7. Texas Longhorns

8. Illinois Fighting Illini

9. Stanford Cardinal

10. Maryland Terrapins

11. Oklahoma Sooners

12. Washington State

13. LSU

14. South Carolina

15. Washington Huskies

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