Tough day for praise.

Mike Bellotti was not a happy man on Friday afternoon. His Ducks had just finished scrimmage, and his assessment was terse and his answers to questions may have matched his mood. <br><br> "No," replied Bellotti in response to being asked if he was particularly happy about the scrimmage. "Absolutely not."

While the defense seemed to have the better of the offense, Bellotti pointed out that the defenders had some trouble stopping the running backs and on one occasion gave up a big play for a touchdown. The reason for some of Bellotti's unhappiness was the fact that many of the starters or players who would be starters have not been able to practice as much as Bellotti would like. Bellotti indicated that the number of injuries in camp has frustrated him and his staff and while he believes the team is playing hard execution level is not where he wants the team to be.

"Too many guys not practicing too many guys we were counting coming into this season to be starters and they haven't practiced or played enough to be good enough or contribute to this football team and that will change as of Monday," said Bellotti. "They better be healthy or they won't be playing."

While no names were specifically mentioned it was clear by the statistics that names like receivers Demetrius Williams, Garren Strong and Keith Allen were missing. The leading receiver on Friday was tight end Nate LiaBraaten who snagged three balls for 51 yards. The most spectacular catch of the day was made by freshman Cameron Colvin, when he caught a 43-yard throw from quarterback Johnny DuRocher. Interestingly, many thought Colvin might have pushed off of his former high school teammate Jackie Bates in order to grab the ball in the end zone. No call was made on the play, so perhaps it was just good technique.

The offense had problems with holding onto the ball all afternoon. The defense recorded four fumble recoveries, and ball security was another issue the coach was unhappy about.

"Ball security is the most important thing," Bellotti observed. "I give the defense credit for taking the ball away."

Defensively, Bellotti wants his defenders to be able to stop the run consistently. According to Bellotti, the defense is designed to stop the run – and he doesn't want to see backs running up the middle for five or 10 yards.

Chris Vincent led the rushing statistic today. He had nine carries for 40 yards, while Terrell Jackson had eight carries for 32 yards. Defensively, the Ducks recorded three team sacks. Patrick Chung was the leading tackler with five. Haloti Ngata, Justin Andrews and Sam Hughes each had four tackles.

Bellotti mentioned that the players will have Sunday off. After scrimmage the team was going bowling and while some may enjoy the night out, at least one junior quarterback from Burns was as equally frustrated as his coach that the Ducks are not head into action tomorrow as opposed to next week against Indiana.

"Everybody else is playing," said quarterback Kellen Clemens of the late start for Oregon. "And we're sitting around."

A couple of positions that are still being contested for are back up quarterback and punter. DuRocher may have made up some ground on Dennis Dixon with the touchdown pass to Colvin. Dixon showed that he is still in the learning process of picking up the offense, but did display some nice touches and ability to scramble. The punter is unsettled with both Paul Martinez and David Dittman hotly battling for the starting punter's job. Martinez had four punts for 126 yards, while Dittman had four punts for 153 yards.

There were no reported injuries on Friday.

No doubt, Bellotti will increase the intensity of practices next week because the real season is drawing near and he is not happy where the Ducks were at on Friday.

"We have to understand we are going to war next week, and we're not prepared," said Bellotti.

The Ducks will open against Indiana a week from tomorrow at Autzen Stadium.


Passing: Kellen Clemens, 3-4-33 yards; Dennis Dixon, 7-15-33 yards, Johnny DuRocher, 5-9-108 yards, 1 TD; Brady Leaf, 5-7-34 yards.

Receiving: Cameron Colvin, 1-43 yards, 1 TD; Jordan Carey, Nate LiaBraaten, 3-51 yards; Jaison Williams, 2-38 yards.

Rushing: Chris Vincent, 9-40 yards; Terrell Jackson, 8-32 yards; Terrence Whitehead 4-23 yards; Kenny Washington, 3-19 yards; Andiel Brown, 6-3 yards; Donte Rosario, 1-1.

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