Total Domination 38-16

Joey Harrington started out hot and stayed that way all game but it was an Oregon defense that may have sparked the fire in Harrington. Oregon beat Colorado 38-10 in the Fiesta Bowl.

Harrington let Oregon's actions on the field be the determining factor if the Ducks should be considered for part of the National Championship. Harrington didn't need to say much because he was named the Fiesta Bowl Offensive Player of the Game with a passing effort that was 28 for 42, 351 yards and four touchdowns.

Harrington started out hot in the first quarter after Colorado had scored the first points of the game. Harrington hit Keenan Howry on a laser strike and then later in the second quarter Harrington hooked up with Samie Parker on a 79-yard bomb. The long distance score seemed to put the Colorado defense on an edge the Buffaloes couldn't seem to escape. From that point on the Ducks and Harrington in particular seemed to know they had the game well in hand. Harrington distributed the ball liberally to his receivers as he found seven different receivers. While the Colorado running game was supposed to be the highlight of the game both Duck running backs rushed for more yards then the entire Buffalo effort. Maurice Morris ended the day as the games leading rusher with 89 yards on 11 carries. Onterrio Smith also added 51 yards on 14 carries. Morris scored on a 49-yard run that one of the more interesting plays of the game. After Morris had broke around the left side of the Oregon line, he was seemly wrestled to the ground however his knee did not touch and the whistle did not blow. Morris alertly kept moving and was reward as he was able to sprint into the end zone.

"I didn't hear any whistle and I kept on running," Morris told the Oregon Sport Network.

While the offensive fireworks were impressive, what stood out was the Oregon defense that allowed a very impressive Colorado running game only 49 yards of net rushing. Most experts that had made predictions of the game felt Oregon would struggle to stop Colorado. Early on though it was apparent the Ducks were going to show an eight or nine-man defensive front and rely on senior corner backs Rashad Bauman and Steve Smith to cover for passing. Smith ended up the afternoon with three interceptions and was named the Fiesta Bowl Defensive Player of the Game. The Oregon defenders were very much disciplined in staying with their various assignments and were not caught for any long runs. The longest run for Colorado was 15-yards. When it was pointed out to defensive coordinator Nick Aliotti after the game that the Ducks held the Buffaloes to 49 yards rushing all Aliotti could say, "I'm speechless about that."

Parker was the leading receiver for the Ducks with nine catches and 160 yards and one touchdown. Daniel Graham, son of Duck football legend Tom Graham had 10 catches for 90 yards for Colorado.

The Ducks will watch intently Thursday night for the result of the Rose Bowl matching Miami and Nebraska. Should Nebraska beat Miami the Ducks could be vote number one in the country by the Associated Press writers. Whatever the outcome of the Rose Bowl the Ducks and their fans can revel in the first 11 win season, a victory in a BCS Bowl, most likely at least a number 2 final ranking.

Summing up his feelings for the team, departing offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford emotionally said, "They are a bunch of great kids and I love them." Oregon is a program that is built as a family and clearly all the family members shared in the win today and this team may be long remembered by its fans as the best ever at Oregon.


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