Could it be Booker?

While answering a number of email this week, some readers have asked me if the mystery recruit is Lorenzo Booker generally regarded as the top prospect in the nation. rank the 5-11, 175 pound running back from St Bonaventure High School in Ventura, California as the number recruit in this year's TheInsiders101 ranking.

I sent out feelers through my collective sources and did find hear back that Oregon may indeed be in the hunt for Booker.

Most likely though my sources tell me is that Booker is headed to USC. While I had thought Booker had narrowed his choices down to Washington and USC, my sources indicate USC is the solid lead and Oregon has suddenly appeared on the scene since the Fiesta Bowl win and the national number two ranking.

Marty still will not tell me who the recruit is and many feel who ever has given a verbal to the Ducks had to have made a visit. Booker has not visited Oregon so the mystery man most likely isn't Booker. However, what is interesting is that there could be interest on Booker's part in the Ducks.

The search for the truth continues.

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