Trip report - J.R. Hasty

J.R. Hasty is a 5-11, 200-pound running back from Bellevue, Washington, and JR took his first Northwest visit - to Oregon, this past weekend. But it's not the last on he will take. Here's what J.R. had to say about his visit to Eugene.

"It was good," Hasty told Sunday night about the visit. J.R. didn't know the exact count, but thought that around twenty players overall visited UO the past 48 hours. "It was a good trip. Oregon has very nice facilities. They treat recruits real well. We ate a lot of food. We played some paintball and then went to the basketball game on Saturday which was fun. It was a rivalry game with Oregon State so that was a highlight of the trip."

Rumors of a 'J-R-Has-ty' chant during Oregon's win over Oregon State were not confirmed by JR.

J.R. spent a lot of time with Oregon running backs coach Gary Campbell, talking about everything under the sun. "He's real tight so... I like him a lot," said Hasty.

So thinking about it after the visit, did the Ducks move up, down, or stay the same on his list? "Well, kind of (up), but it would be kinda unfair if I moved them up and didn't give the other colleges a chance since I haven't seen them yet," said Hasty. "We'll see what happens when I take my other visits, so I can compare."

And that's exactly what he plans to do. "I'm going to go to Penn State this weekend coming up, and then to Washington the weekend after," J.R. said.

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