Good trip to Eugene

Brian Truelove, Snellville (Ga.) enjoyed his trip to Eugene last weekend. He finally had a chance to meet face-to-face some of the other guys like Tucker Callahan, Matt Bramow and Nick Reed. He also spent Saturday night at the Oregon-Oregon State basketball game and enjoyed the atmosphere of The Pit -- McArthur Court.

Last weekend is thought to be Oregon's biggest recruiting weekend of the recruiting year and there were so many prospective recruits on the trip (rumored to be as many as 25) that keeping names straight was a bit difficult. Brian spent time at the game with Heritage (Vancouver, Wash.) High's Mat Webb and met several other visitors, some of whom it is a bit hard to place their names. That is very understandable, as the weekend was very busy for the prospective recruits.

Brian does remember Blair Phillips from Mississippi Gulf Junior College, who gave a verbal commitment to Oregon. With Phillips coming on board, the Ducks are well represented in the southern states. Tucker Callahan is from Alabama, Phillips from Mississippi and Brian is from just outside of Atlanta. Will moving to Oregon be a big shock? Probably not too much of one as Brian visited Eugene last summer and loved the weather describing the summer as "really nice," somewhat different than the hot, humid climate of the southeastern United States.

"If you walk outside for 10 minutes," Brian said speaking of the summertime's heat and humidity in the south. "You have to go in and take a shower."

Truelove will graduate from high school around May 25th and may head out to Eugene soon afterwards. He thinks it would be nice to get in a little early to meet some of the other guys and start conditioning, but those plans are not set yet. He does not have to report in until the start of fall camp (around the first or second week of August) but for certain he is looking forward to becoming a Duck.

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