Sizing Up Oregon Recruiting Via SuperPrep

Two days ago I received the "All-America Issue" of SuperPrep magazine. The magazine is dated January 15, 2002 and is billed as the "Pre-Signing Reference." The national Letter of Intent (LOI) signing day for prospective college football players is February 6, 2002.

The magazine lists prospective college football players by region including Dixie (232 players), Farwest (222 players), Midatlantic (137 players), Midlands (69 players), Midwest (142 players), Northeast (101 players) and Southwest (172 players). The players listed within each region are ranked according to athletic and academic excellence. Each player listing generally includes the player's size, weight and speed (40 yard dash time) as well as which schools the player is interested in and if he has given a particular school a verbal commitment. Also included is the player's academic status: grade point average and college entrance exam test scores if available. Sometimes the listing will include a quote from the player's high school coach or a recruiting coordinator, and the player's high school performance statistics – yards rushing, receiving, sacks, etc.

My first task upon receiving the magazine is to highlight every player who has expressed an interest in attending Oregon. I also separate the players who are committed from the players still uncommitted. Of course, I track the players who state they are committed to Oregon and those who state they are favoring Oregon or have indicated that Oregon leads for their services. Another key point to track is who has visited Oregon. If a player has taken an official visit to Oregon then I can surmised that not only does the player have an interest in Oregon, but that Oregon also has an interest in the player.

So, with that little preamble, let's get down to business.

For the purpose of this article I have concentrated solely on the Farwest region as 95 percent of Oregon's past recruits have come from Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon and Washington – the states that make up the Farwest region. Also please keep in mind this information is as of Janauary 15 and does not include the very latest updates and verbal commitments. In some cases I have placed an Editor's note to update the listing.

In Arizona there are 32 players listed. Fourteen are yet uncommitted of which nine have had no offers. None of the uncommitted players is mentioning Oregon. Of the committed players only defensive backs Robert James (ASU) and Andre Bailey (ASU) mention Oregon as a team they considered. This appears inconsistent to me because other recruiting services have indicated in the past an interest in Oregon coming from Arizona players such as defensive back Quinton McCoy (Michigan), running back Randy Hill (ASU) and offensive lineman Stephen Berg who is still uncommitted (as of January 15) but favoring ASU and UCLA and considering Oregon State and Arizona – no mention of Oregon.

The California, Hawaii and Nevada grouping lists 159 players with only 55 left uncommitted. Of the 55 uncommitted players the following players had Oregon leading:

#48 DB Darius Connor (Offer, no reported visit date)
#58 DB Marcus McCutcheon (Offer, 1/4visit date; Editor's note: now committed to Stanford, however Ducks reportedly continuing to recruit him)
#60 OL Keith Jackson (Offer, 12/7 visit date; Editor's note: now committed to Arizona)
#67 DB Tyrone Jenkins (Offer, de-committed from Oregon but still favors the Ducks; also considering San Jose State; visit date either 1/11 or 1/18)
#72 DB Keith Ellison (Offer, 12/8 visit date)
#115 DB/WR Aaron Gipson (Offer, 12/14 visit date)

The following uncommitted players mention Oregon, but not as the leading school:

#12 WR Rhema McKnight (Offer, November visit; Editor's note: now reportedly leaning toward Washington and UCLA)
#17 WR Terry Richardson Jr. (Offer, 1/11 visit date; Editor's note: now committed to ASU)
#19 LB Wesley Walker, (Offer, 12/14 visit date; Editor's note: now committed to UCLA; however, Ducks reportedly continuing to recruit him)
#42 RB Frederick Collins (Offer, 1/25 visit date, currently favors ASU)
#45 DB Jerrad Page (Offer, 1/18 visit date, currently favors UCLA, wants to play baseball)
#52 RB Rory Carrington (No offer, no reported visit date, reportedly sending Oregon film, plays behind Hershel Dennis at Long Beach Poly, favors Fresno State, CSU)
#71 DB Tremayne Kirkland (Offer, 1/25 visit date, currently favors UNLV)
#98 RB Gerald Green (No reported offer or visit date, favors Fresno State, needs entrance requirement qualification)
#99 LB Dwayne Andrews (No reported offer or visit date, favors Fresno State, needs entrance requirement qualification)
#111 DB Travonne Jackson (No reported offer or visit date but list Oregon as 2nd favorite behind USC, visiting Arizona 1/11, UNLV 1/18, needs a qualifying test score)
#117 DL/OL Daniel Zynn (No reported offer or visit date, waiting hear back about film sent to Oregon, favors Boise St, visits Oregon State 1/18)
#132 OL Ernestro Guerrero (Offer, no reported visit date, favors ASU)
#144 LB Tremaine Towns (No reported offer or visit date, favors Fresno State, Washington's Lester's brother)
#145 QB Jordan Palmer (No reported offer or visit date, favors ASU, UTEP and Fresno State have offered)
#149 RB Kellen Marshall (No reported offer or visit date, favors UNLV, visits Oregon State 1/18 and CSU 1/25)
#152 Ath Keevin Hardiman ( No reported offer or visit date, favors Boise State, hasn't been called by Oregon since November)
#154 OL Mictor Lauifi (No reported offer or visit date, favors Utah, January visit)
#159 DB/RB D'Artagnandai're (No reported offer or visit date, favors USC)

The following players from the California, Hawaii and Nevada group have given verbal commitments to Oregon:

#90 OL Enoka Luca, 6-4, 285, 5.2, Honolulu Kamehameha High (December official visit, reportedly 99% committed to the Ducks, qualified: 2.7 GPA, 960 SAT)
#97 DB Parris Moore, 5-10, 180, 4.5 Fountain Valley High, California (12/14 visit, only offer, 2.5 GPA, "slightly short on test")

Here is an Oddities section for the California, Hawaii, Nevada group:

#5 RB Hershel Dennis (Dennis is reportedly committed to USC; SuperPrep reported this commitment along with teammate #3 Darnell Bing's based on the hearsay of another teammate, Winston Justice. Oregon continues to recruit Dennis and Bing.)
#18 LB Oscar Lua, (SuperPrep reports Lua is committed to USC. However, they also reported he was visiting Oregon 1/18. Editor's update: SuperPrep is now reporting that Lua visited CAL on 1/18)
#46 QB Drew Olson (Olson is committed to UCLA but states that he will consider Oregon or ASU if #14 Trent Edwards commits to UCLA. Edwards is favoring Stanford but also considering UCLA)
#80 DE Will Down (Down committed to Colorado but states "I'm still considering taking an official visit (to Oregon)" Oregon has offered)
#81 DL Maurice Murray (Murray is committed to Washington but reportedly may still visit Oregon and Syracuse at his parent's insistence, Long Beach Poly kid, needs passing test score)

In Washington there are 22 players listed. Seven are yet uncommitted with five considering Oregon.

#7 DB/WR Nathaniel Robinson (No reported offer or visit date, favors USC)
#8 TE Cody Boyd (offer, no reported visit date, committed to WSU; However after he committed, Oregon "was at his house asking him to reconsider")
#19 DB Dominic Dixon ("Dixon's long negotiation with UW abruptly ended in December leaving the Metro League's top cover man stunned; ‘they said they were done recruiting', Idaho, Idaho St and Portland St have all offered, but Dixon will try and scramble in late January to get Oregon and NW in the picture," qualified 2.9 GPA, 930 SAT)
#20 OL Nate Vanderpol ("Will wait out for Oregon (12/14 visit) solid over Idaho (offer 1/11 visit, Portland State (offer, 1/18 visit and WSU (12/7 visit). Editor's note: Vanderpol has since committed to Idaho.)
#22 RB Justin Washington (Oregon – invited walk-on, Nevada (offer 1/25 visit, Portland State (offer 1/18 visit).

In Oregon there are 6 players listed – the lowest in the last four years. All are committed including one player to Oregon:

#4 OL Shawn Perkins (Perkins committed to Oregon on 12/23 over ASU and Oregon State)

There are three players listed from Canada. Only DB Gerald Commissiong has a connection to Oregon having committed to go there last summer but changed his mind when the Ducks asked him to "gray shirt" or enter the school in the spring not fall. He has now committed to Stanford.

A final note – this issue of SuperPrep magazine provides a "JUCO 100" listing. Defensive lineman Chris Solomona is listed as the 10th best junior college player and linebacker Tate Pittman is listed as the 91st.

A subscription to SuperPrep can be had by anyone for a yearly subscription fee of $65.00.

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