Second Verse, Same As The First

There are Athletes In Action teams playing exhibition games who may play more coherent basketball than the Oregon Ducks did against Stanford on Saturday. Oregon came out flat, couldn't run an offense and fell on their collective faces, losing to Stanford 88-69.

"At game time you have to bring it," Oregon Coach Ernie Kent told OSN. "We need to figure out which guys are willing to do that."

Although Chris Hernandez and Matt Haryasz seemingly couldn't miss in the first half as they helped to open a 51-25 Cardinal lead at halftime, Oregon couldn't do a thing right.

They were out-rebounded, out-hustled, out-worked and couldn't run an offense or hit the broad side of Maples Pavilion.

For much of the game it looked like Stanford was playing against a 45-and-older team from the Multnomah Athletic Club. Oregon's offense was sloppy. Nobody cut through the lane. Players didn't come off screens hard.

The Ducks didn't box out either on offense to get a second chance or on defense to stop Stanford and namely Haryasz from getting easy boards. He finished as a member a version of the 20-20 club with 20 points and 20 boards.

The only real effort the Ducks did get was from freshman Malik Hairston. The Detroit native finished with 19 points, on 9-12 shooting and seven boards in 32 minutes.

"We really started calling his number and going to him and he did things well," Kent told OSN about Hairston.

The rest of the Ducks, though, didn't do things well. Aaron Brooks came off the bench for the first time all year after Kenny Love started in his place. Brooks didn't do much when he was in the game, however, scoring only 11 points in 24 minutes and not even dishing out a single assist.

Ian Crosswhite only scored five points on 2-7 shooting and didn't do much else.

"It should be Aaron Brooks and it should be Ian Crosswhite and this team is on their watch right now," Kent told OSN. "It's their turn and for some reason it's not happening right now. They're leaving those young guys out on their own."

Oregon did look better in the second half when Hairston, and then late in the game, Chamberlain Oguchi took over. Oguchi finished with 12 points in 12 minutes on 5-11 shooting.

The Ducks outscored Stanford 44-37 in the second half and shot four percent better from the floor.

"We stepped it up and played better in the second half but we need to learn how to do that in the first half," Kent told OSN.

Stanford flat-out schooled the Ducks tonight, in every sense of the term. They worked harder, shot better and wanted this one more than the Ducks did.

"This was a lesson tonight, in the first half, at how to play hard on every single possession and what happens when you don't," Kent told OSN

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