A cold wet day at practice

Practice was held in Autzen. It was cold wuith rain showers through out. A more boisterous group than what I saw Saturday. Now that the reorganized staff has settled into the routine, the offensive and defensive groups were much more vocal in support of each other and in their taunts to the other side of the ball.

Quarterbacks in red jerseys for "hands off".

There were several mishandled snaps from center by the QB from the shotgun. Enoka Lucas was serving as snapper. About a 50-50-blame ratio, half were weak or inaccurate snaps, half were fumbled by the receiving QB.

Mike Bellotti and Gary Crowton worked together with the quarterbacks and running backs most of the session. There were several series, offense versus defense throughout the practice. Flanker screen, play action, five receiver sets all were run through several times with each of the groups. Emphasis was placed on the receivers maintaining their spacing as they come off the line of scrimmage.

The offense worked on the inside pitch out of their option package early in the session, later they added a reverse.

The passing game included a more vertical attack than has been seen so far this spring, Kellen Clemens connected on a 30-yard touchdown to Jaison Williams.

Other standouts from the session, Dennis Dixon and Jaison Williams worked the option for a nice gain against the defensive No. 2's. Terrence Whitehead found a 12-15 yard gain with the dive option against the No. 1's. Clemens to Paysinger with an inside pitch from the option gained good yardage. T.R. Smith also was able to take an inside option pitch for the distance. A Clemens' scramble netted five yards and Bellotti was quick to acknowledge the nifty footwork that sprung Kellen from the defense, though the coach was equally quick to emphasize Clemens should "get vertical" when he decides to run and not angle toward the sideline. The defensive unit was aggressive and broke up several pass plays and intercepted two or three passes during scrimmages with the offense.

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