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Oregon defensive coordinator Nick Aliotti runs a defensive scheme in which a lot of responsibility is placed on the shoulders of his cornerbacks. His system relies on the ability of the corners to cover opposing receivers one-on-one, allowing the eight or nine other players to stack the line of scrimmage to stop the run and put pressure on the quarterback.

In the near future, one of those cornerbacks may be Parris Moore, Jr. The 5-11, 170 pound defensive back from Fountain Valley, CA signed a letter of intent with Oregon earlier this month and will embark on a career with the Ducks. He thinks he can fit into Aliotti's scheme just fine.

"I like to play one-on-one, to play bump and run," he said. "I like to play zone too, but if I could choose I would play man."

Moore's career will get a late start as he plans now to greyshirt and enroll at Oregon in January. He suffered a stress fracture in his right shin and played his senior season with the injury.

"I don't know how I hurt it, I played all season with it," he said. "I'm just resting it. It's responding pretty good. I usually run track but not this year. I'm going to rest it."

Unlike most players in Southern California, Moore was very aware of Oregon and its tradition. His uncle, Elliott Dunning, was a defensive back for the Ducks in the mid-1980's.

"There was a family tradition there so we thought we would give them a look," said Moore's father, Parris, Sr. "The facilities are top-notch. We knew it's nothing like Southern California. There's a big climate change and it's a more laid-back atmosphere."

One of the selling points that won the Moore family over was Oregon Head Coach Mike Bellotti and his staff.

"I like Coach Bellotti a lot and all the coaches," Moore Sr. said. "They were straight and upfront with us, no sugar-coating. They didn't promise us anything, they just laid everything out."

Moore, Jr. gave his verbal commitment to Oregon in October. During his junior year he was being recruited mostly by Oregon and Montana. After attending the Nike camp at Stanford during the summer, things started heating up. He heard from Washington State, Oregon State, Washington, Akron, Illinois, California and UCLA. After giving his verbal commitment to Oregon he still was hearing from some of the schools until he made it clear in January that he was a solid commit to the Ducks.

Moore lives with his father and mother, Pacentia, and his sister Deja, 13.

Why did you choose Oregon?

"I chose Oregon because I like the facilities and the coaches, and because of the players. Mostly because of the players because they seem united as one. That sold me on the program. And my uncle, Elliott Dunning (1984-85) played there."

How much did you know about Oregon before being recruited by Oregon?

"I knew a lot about Oregon, more about Oregon than any other school that was recruiting me."

Which schools were recruiting you?

"I had offers from Oregon and Montana. After I gave my commitment to Oregon I started getting calls from Washington State, Oregon State, Washington, Montana and Akron."

Which coach recruited you the most?

"Coach (Mike) Gillhamer. I think he's a very good coach. He takes time to talk to each of his players. He's a nice guy."

What are your thoughts on Coach Bellotti?

"He's a good guy. You can talk to him and he takes time to talk to you, like you would not know he was a head coach. He's not always getting on you."

Who hosted you on your visit and how was the visit?

"I visited the weekend of December 14th. It was fun hanging out with the players. Everywhere we went there were players. My host was Randall Bowen."

Did you get to see any Fiesta Bowl practices?

"I saw two practices during my visit. They were very intense, everyone is into it. The practices were very fast moving."

Did you watch the Fiesta Bowl?

"It was exciting. I watched the DB's all year and this was their best game all year."

What do you like to do you in your spare time?

"Play video games, go work out. I like to spend time with my friends. But probably 75 percent of my time is spent in the weight room. I'm trying to get bigger because at the next level everyone is bigger."

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