Arkansas defender Likes Oregon

L.T. Walker is a member of the South Hot 100 as one of the best defensive tackle prospects in the region this year. He has an impressive list of offers, and he talks about some of the schools he is interested in.

"I've gotten offers from Arkansas, Tennessee, Ole Miss, Oregon, and Houston," said Walker. I haven't been to any camps this summer, and I'm not scheduling any. Me and my teammates have been working our butts off getting ready for the upcoming season."

While he hasn't been to any camps, that doesn't mean L.T. Walker hasn't been in touch with the coaches recruiting him.

"I call Coach Haggins at Florida State, Coach Orgeron at Ole Miss, Coach Nutt at Arkansas, and Coach Caldwell at Tennessee pretty much every week. I just like talking to them. I talk to them about things I need to do to get better like watching films, working on technique, and getting stronger."

Does Walker have any favorites amongst the schools recruiting him?

"I'm pretty much wide open right now, but if I had to name some schools, I guess I would say Arkansas, Florida State, Oregon, and Tennessee. Arkansas is close to home, and I have a lot of friends that go to school there. Florida State sends a lot of players to the NFL, and I like talking with Coach Haggins. I like talking to the coaches at Oregon. They are very personable. Tennessee has a great fan following and a winning program."

With his focus on the upcoming season, don't look for Walker to make a decision any time soon. Stay tuned to for the latest on his recruitment, favorites, and offers.

Walker is a 4-star recruited ranked No. 18 nationally at his position.

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