Kent's scholarship status could change

If Jordan Kent makes the football roster this September as a wide receiver, how does that effect his basketball scholarship?

The question was posed to the University Athletic Department. According to a spokesman for the Athletic Department what would happen is that if Kent makes the football roster he must be converted from a basketball scholarship-athlete to a football scholarship athlete. NCAA regulations dictate that athletes participating in football must be counted against the 85-scholarship limitation. The obvious reason for this is so those football programs can not stockpile athletes onto other team sports, thus avoiding the scholarship limitations for football.

Another option, should Kent make the football team, is that he would no longer be a scholarship athlete, and would be a walk-on for all sports.

Kent, the 6-foot-5, 200 pound athlete is already on the basketball roster and track roster as well. In track he is a walk-on athlete.

Oregon head football coach Mike Bellotti commented yesterday in Los Angeles at the Pac-10 Media Day conference regarding Kent trying out for football that, "it's exciting for a guy that's 6-5, runs a 10.2 100 meter and can catch the ball to play football."

According to Bellotti, Kent would be the first three-sport athlete in the Pac-10, though Bellotti could not say for how long that would be.

If Kent should make the football team he could relinquish his athletic scholarship and be a walk-on in all sports. As part of the immediate family of a University staff member, Kent, whose father Ernie, the Oregon men's basketball coach is entitled to a break on tuition at the University. This tuition policy is applicable to any university staff member's immediate family according to the Oregon Athletic department spokesperson.

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