No Bad Choices

Oregon linebacker/tight end Gabe Miller (6-4, 230, 4.6) denies a leader--but favors Oregon (offer), Oregon State (offer), Colorado (offer), Washington and Stanford.

"All of these schools are really close together for me right now, and I really like all of them," said Miller, from Lake Oswego High School. "They're all so good that I really can't end up making a bad choice, so all of this is really hard for me right now.

"I've camped at Oregon, Oregon State and Colorado and I've been able to get to know the coaches at those programs really well. The facilities at Oregon are just amazing and I really like the campus there as well.

"Oregon State has got a really nice and laid-back coaching staff and I also like how they're going to be renovating their stadium and bringing in some new turf to play on. Colorado was the best camp that I went to and I just got a really good feeling from their program. I got to talk with some of the players there and they were all really nice and supportive guys. I like how both the players and coaches at Colorado are very strict and serious about the academics," he said.

"I also got to get out to Washington for an unofficial and spoke with coach (Randy) Hart (defensive line). He mentioned how coach (Tyrone) Willingham is kind of slow to just give out offers and they kind of want to wait and see how my senior season goes before they offer me. So it's possible that they might offer.

"I'm not in touch with the coaches at Stanford or anything but the one thing I like about them are their academics…they're like top in the nation when it comes to that, and that's the one thing that really interests me about them," said Miller.

"I want to take all five of my official visits and then commit to a program sometime after the season. Oregon is looking at me to play H-back or linebacker, Oregon State as a linebacker or tight end, and Colorado is looking at me strictly as a tight end.

"I really don't have a preference on playing one position over the other because I do well on both sides of the ball. I'll probably go with whatever gets me on the field the quickest," he said.

"I'm a big, strong and fast player and I'm able to do some stuff that most big guys can't do. I've also got some good hands and I'm good at getting after the ball on defense. I want to work on my side-to-side speed and just get a little quicker at everything I do."

Miller said he also has played fullback for the past to seasons and looks to be mixing it up at that position, as well as at tight end and linebacker, this season.

He said his stats are unavailable. "My coaches and I, and the rest of the team, don't pay attention to that really," he said.

Lake Oswego High School finished last season 12-2

Bench: 335/Squat: 500/Vert Jump: 35"

3.2 GPA/1570 SAT--fall retest--"I'm fully qualified with this score but I just want to take it again to open up my options to get into some tougher schools."

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