Saturday practice update

It was another tough day of practice for the Ducks held inside a warm and windy Autzen stadium. The Oregon offense started to wake up and several members of the offense, defense and special teams made athletic plays.

Kellen Clemens had a nice 35-yarder for a touchdown to Cameron Colvin, and a few plays later, Dixon had a perfect 40-yarder to Colvin for another touchdown. Clemens then hit Colvin once again on a fairly long ball. The quarterbacks were working quite a lot on deep throws here. Clemens hit Colvin twice, Demetrius Williams once but barely overshot Williams on two other passes after Williams had beaten cornerback Aaron Gipson.

The No. 1 punt unit was blocked three times in a row due to bad blocking. The coaching staff appears to be implementing a new technique with three defensive linemen back by the punter. Gipson, Justin Phinisee, Patrick Chung, Jackie Bates, Sharrod Davis, and Andiel Brown were back to return punts although they were the punter returners.

The story of the day was the scrimmage portion at the end. All three units, no. 1, 2, and 3 scored on their drives and each unit had at least one big play. The defense had been dominating all day until the scrimmage.

Clemens busted two long runs in designed plays, both of which were keys to a VERY nice scoring drive. Terrence Whitehead had a nice run, Clemens had his two runs, Demetrius Williams had a few catches pulled in a nice grab in the corner of the end zone beating Gipson for the touchdown. Williams is looking like an All Pac-10 wide receiver in practice.

The 2nd unit saw Terrell Jackson break an 8-yarder followed by a run up the middle for 40 yards. To cap off the drive, Dennis Dixon hit Jaison Williams over cornerback Sharrod Davis for 25 yards and a touchdown.. The offense gained 70 yards in six plays in that series.

And now, THE PLAY of the day came from Jonathan "Snoop" Stewart on the no. 3 unit. Stewart was stuffed immediately after the handoff by a defender. He was pushed back hard for a 10-yard loss by two defenders but somehow found a way to stay up as his defenders hit the ground trying to tackle him. He then turned right and out raced the defense down the right sideline for 25 yards. At that point, he bowled over a defender HARD and knocked him to the ground, then gained 5 more after taking another hit or two. Snoop turned a 10-yard loss into a 20-yard gain, and the offensive sideline went crazy. They were yelling for a minute straight. This is what the fans have been waiting to see. On a separate note, Snoop and TW look about the same size. Snoop looks a little more cut, and Whitehead looks a little bulkier.

Andiel Brown also turned a 10-yard catch into a 40+ yard run after a nice move to beat his defenders.

If there was a story from the day, it was that the offense is starting to catch on, and most importantly making big plays. Clemens' runs, Terrell Jackson's runs, Snoop's run, Demetrius Williams touchdown catch and Jaison Williams' touchdown catch with a perfect throw from Dixon... All those plays were perfectly executed.

(John Feeney and Steve Summers contributed to this story)

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