Monday practice update

This was the best practice for Jordan Kent. He wrestled away several long passes from Jackie Bates, and Bates was pretty unhappy about it. Good hands with the catch, they were not "in your hip pocket" types of throws and Bates put the body to him.

To give Bates some credit, he did take a pick back for six earlier in the session.

As a whole, it was rugged on the line of scrimmage though... several false starts at the snap, the ball on the carpet a bit much.

One thing Jordan Kent will find difficult to gain unless he IS superman, is the internal clock that lets him gain a sense of what the play is doing outside his field of view.

On a sweep to the other side of the field, Kent boxed out the defender but the defensive back was able to glide into position then dart past to thwart what would have been a TD run. The play still got a good gain but there was a chance for a better gain with better position on the downfield block.

Kellen Clemens seems to be a bit more explosive when he makes the decision to keep the ball. When the gap presents itself, he has found an extra amount of horsepower to burst through the initial line of defense. That's good because it means he has already read the secondary and knows where the play will lead him. Clemens had at least two 30-yard runs. The offense had players all over the county and the defense was scattered to the hinterlands. He broke inside and then broke to the sideline with no one having a good angle to get to him. Jonathon Stewart had a couple of nice gains in much the same way.

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