West Coast 2007 Rankings: Centers

The West Coast centers in 2007 are led by such players as Kevin Love, Elijah Holman, Sean Williams and Alex Jacobson...

The 2007 West Coast class of centers appears to be a very good group, with multiple high major prospects. Love is not only the top center in the west, he's also one of the elite prospects in the country. Many college coaches feel that Love could play for any college in the country right now. He's got a great combination of skill level, size, toughness and feel for the game. He's very good in the low-post, but he's also developing the ability to shoot from the perimeter. His outlet passes are the best we've seen from a high school player. Love figures to make an immediate impact as a freshman in college. Williams has undergone a remarkable transformation in the last couple years. He's gone from a player that could barely run, due to growing pains, to an elite, high major prospect. Williams has a very good frame and his hands and feet have really improved in the last six months. His offensive game is still somewhat raw, but he's getting better every time we see him. Jacobson is another big man who is not yet a force on offense, but is nonetheless a high major prospect. Jacboson has a big frame and he's starting to get more physical inside. He's got a nice shot out to 12-15 feet. He's got a good feel for the game -- passes well out of the post -- and he plays hard. Holman isn't quite as tall as some of the other center prospects in the west, but he's got a very long wingspan. An athletic lefty with very good skills, Holman has a high upside. He's very active at both ends of the court and he moves extremely well. Thompson is a slender big man with good feet and hands. He's got a nice shot out to 15-17 feet and he competes well. A likely high major prospect.

1) Kevin Love, 6-9, Lake Oswego (Ore.) High
2) Sean Williams, 6-11, Villa Park (Calif.) High
3) Alex Jacobson, 6-11,  Santa Ana (Calif.) Mater Dei
4) Elijah Holman, 6-7, Richmond (Calif.) High
5) Scott Thompson, 6-10, Meridian (Idaho) Mountain View


Matthew Simpkins, 6-8, Oakland (Calif.) McClymonds
Clint Amberry, 6-9, Huntington Beach (Calif.) Ocean View
Melvyn Oliver, 6-9, Las Vegas (Nev.) Cheyenne
James Hudson, 6-8,  Seattle (Wash.) O'Dea
Genesis Maciel, 6-7, South Gate (Calif.) High
Keith Olson, 6-8, Minden (Nev.) Douglas
Martell Jackson, 6-9, Brighton (Col.) High
Clint Chapman, 6-8, Canby (Ore.) High

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