Depth Chart Released as Ducks Prepare

Now that Fall Camp 2005 is over, the Oregon Ducks started preparing for the Houston Cougars in a focused and business-like manner. The Ducks held practice on Saturday afternoon with the starters taking a greater share of the snaps with few mistakes evident.

The injury bug that sidelined a number of players has seemed to ease as most everyone with the exception of junior tackle Shawn Flanagan are back at practice.

Senior quarterback Kellen Clemens had a very good day throwing accurate passes and because of that senior wide receiver Demetrius Williams had a great day receiving the ball. Clemens was consistently hitting receivers on the mark. He didn't lock on to one receiver but eyed the entire field and spread the ball around. Dennis Dixon lofted a few long balls with a nice touch that has been developing through the spring and into fall camp. Dixon hit TE Dante Rosario with two 30-yard touchdowns in 7-on-7 drills. As usual throughout fall camp, Demetrius Williams creates significant separation on almost every play and caught every ball thrown his way. James Finley had two huge catches in traffic and continues to provide a spark for the offense.He is perhaps the most animated player on the field and while he talks the talk with plenty of confidence, he has been backing it up all fall with amazing hands and the athleticism to get open and run.

In the one-on-one wide receiver versus defensive back drill, Aaron Gipson stuck right with his man. At 5-9, 180, Gipson has enough power to stay with a physical receiver and has plenty of speed to boot. Safety Patrick Chung continues to show why he has earned a starting spot in the secondary as a redshirt freshman. Chung jams the receiver at the line then has enough speed to stick with the receiver after his initial move to get open. In normal scrimmage conditions, Chung sprints all over the field from his safety position and uses his speed to get a hand in front of the receivers face or make the first hit on most plays. He seems to have good instincts on where the ball will be thrown and once he decides where to go, he gets there in a flash.

Jonathan Stewart worked with the second-team a bit today and looks more comfortable with each practice. His balance and fluid movements make his running look effortless.

The team continued to work on special teams, a theme throughout the week. Overall, the offense looked very sharp in passing drills today and most importantly, every starter on offense and defense was healthy and played today. Rosario wore a yellow shirt to alert defenders of his injury, but he appeared to be running at full strength and caught the ball well today.

The Oregon depth chart (see below) for the Houston game was released today with some surprises on it. True freshman defensive end Nick Reed will travel to Houston as a back up to senior Devin Long. Three other true freshmen, running back Jonathan Stewart, free safety Jairus Byrd and long snapper Mark Sunga will also make the first road trip with the team. Running back Andiel Brown could be returning kickoffs and is listed as a back up to Justin Phinisee as a punt return specialist.

Some pre-season test results were also released today. This year five Ducks are listed being able to bench press more than 400 pounds. Junior Haloti Ngata topped the list with 505 pounds followed by Matt Toeaina (455), Brian Truelove (435), Enoka Lucas (425) and Ian Reynoso (400). Ngata also topped the team with a squat of 615 pounds. The complete results of the testing can be found in the Official Media Release dated Aug. 27, 2005.

Oregon will travel to Houston for a Sept. 1st game that will be televised live on ESPN2 with a kickoff time scheduled for 4.p.m Pacific Daylight Time.

Offense     Defense  
WR 6 Demetrius Williams   DE 92 Devan Long
  4 Jaison Williams     49 Nick Reed
LT 60 Max Unger   DT 96 Haloti Ngata
  64 Mark Lewis     97 Cole Linehan
LG 77 Palauni Ma Sun   DT 45 Matt Toeaina
  61 Josh Tschirgi     90 David Faaeteete
C 55 Enoka Lucas   DE 95 Darius Sanders
  51 Jeff Kendall     56 Victor Filipe
RG 59 Ian Reynoso   WLB 34 A.J. Tuitele
  63 Jon Teague     22 Chris Vincent
RT 75 Geoff Schwartz   MLB 42 Brent Haberly
  78 Jacob Hucko     33 Blair Phillips
TE 44 Dante Rosario   SS 84 Anothony Trucks
  or 85 Tim Day     30 Kwame Agyeman
QB 11 Kellen Clemens   LC 5 Aaron Gipson
  10 Dennis Dixon     7 Rodney Woods
TB 24 Terrence Whitehead   ROV 15 Patrick Chung
  21 Terrell Jackson     3 Demetrius Spates
  or 28 Jonathan Stewart      
WR 80 Cameron Colvin   FS 28 J.D. Nelson
  26 Kyle Weatherspoon     9 Ryan DePalo
        or 32 Jairus Byrd
HB 85 Tim Day   RC 31 Justin Phinisee
  82 Dan Kause     8 Jackie Bates
WR 18 James Finley      
  1 Garren Strong      
Return Specialist        
KR 15 Patrick Chung or 27 Andiel Brown  
  31 Justin Phinisee or 41 Sharrod Davis  
PR 31 Justin Phinisee      
  27 Andiel Brown      
HO 16 Brady Leaf      
  10 Dennis Dixon      
K 36 Paul Martinez      
  20 Matt Eversen      
PK 36 Paul Martinez      
  20 Matt Eversen      
P 14 Matt Dragich      
  98 Aaron Knowles      
LS 90 Erick Steimer      
  52 Mark Sunga      
SS 90 Eric Steimer      
  75 Geoff Schwartz      

(Marty Martindale and John Feeney contributed to this story)

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