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Irvine (Calif.) defensive end Alex Parsons (6-4, 260, 4.8) still favors USC but says the Trojans now enjoy only a small advantage over UCLA, Oregon (no offer), Notre Dame (no offer), Arizona State and Kentucky.

"USC and UCLA are closer together," said Parsons, from Woodbridge High School. "They both have good campuses, but their locations are different. UCLA is in a better neighborhood. But I actually like the SC campus a little more. Everything is closer together there.

"You've got to like USC because they are national champions and are always winning. But UCLA is always a powerhouse too. I'm not sure if they went to a bowl last year, but they have a good team.

"I know the medical school at UCLA is amazing and USC has a good law school. But I don't know if I want to be a doctor or a lawyer," he said.

"I'm planning on deciding after my season. I want to take at least three trips. So far, I've only set one visit and that's with SC on December 16. I'm really thinking about also visiting UCLA and Kentucky (brother B.J. Parsons is a DE), and maybe Oregon or Oregon State.

"Oregon is also recruiting me hard. They have a beautiful campus and a crazy stadium. My brother took a trip there and loved it, so I should see it too.

"Notre Dame is always a winning program and is a really good school, academically as well," explained Parsons.

"I've always watched Arizona State play. I really like their defensive style.

"All the schools have called me this September. Basically they are trying to sell the school and the main points about their programs. They're also just trying to get to know me, but I'm pretty hard to get a hold of."

Woodbridge lost its first game to Irvine Northwood 49-0 and plays Dana Hills this Saturday. "Our QB is a sophomore and we turned the ball over 10 times. Their average field position was on our 35. We had only 27 offensive plays. Every time the other team lined up on the ball, some guy would call my name out. I had about seven tackles and two sacks."

3.0 GPA/1370 SAT

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