The Start of Something Big

California wide receiver Terrence Austin (5-11, 175, 4.55) denies a leader, but favors UCLA, Notre Dame, Miami, Oregon and Arizona State. All of his favorites have offered according to the youngster from Long Beach Poly. He also has offers from Washington State, Oregon State, Utah and Colorado.

Terrence Austin says the Bruins are recruiting him the hardest. "UCLA is sending me a lot of handwritten letters everyday and I hear from the coaches a lot," Austin said. "I could see myself come in and be an impact player right away. I like their offense and I was at the game last night against Cal and was very impressed. They never gave up. They know this is the start of something big and after the game they were really excited and taking about how they played with heart. The energy in the locker was very high. They really have a lot of confidence now and believe they can overcome and win tough games."

Next weekend (October 14) Austin will be visiting Notre Dame and then he travels to Oregon on November 19. "I love the offense at Notre Dame," Austin said. "I'm really impressed with coach Charlie Weis. He's real enthusiastic and he's real. He gives you pros and cons and he's been honest with me. He thinks I'd be able to fit in well in their offense and that he really wants to see me at Notre Dame. I love that they are known equally for their football and academics," Austin said.

"I also love Oregon's style of offense," he said. "They've been known for having a great passing game for a while."

"I'm going to take all five of my trips before I make a decision. I want to make sure I feel comfortable living there for five years and I want to play - so I'll check out the depth charts for sure. I like a coach that is real informative and straightforward. I want to play for a good teacher."

Austin's team is currently 3-2 and he has 23 receptions for 472 yards and four touchdowns.

He reports a 2.8 GPA and an 18 ACT and 1200 SAT--November 5 retake

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