Hates to Lose

Cornerback Vincent Joseph (5-9, 180, 4.4), from Long Beach, Calif., names Oregon as his clear-cut favorite over USC, California, Washington State, Colorado. All but USC have offered.

"The coaches at Oregon are cool. I have been talking to them for quite a long time, and I have an official visit set up with them for Nov. 5," said Joseph, of Poly High School. "I want to return some of the love they have been giving me.

"They have my major -- computer engineering or graphics -- and they have a cool school. Plus, it would be far enough away from my family that I can go do my own thing.

"I visited Washington State already (Oct. 15) and it was real cool, real fun. My host was Ian Bell (cornerback) of Pasadena. I used to run track against him, so I knew him. I mainly was hanging out with the other freshmen -- these are the people that you are going to be around if you go to school there, so it was good to hang around them," he said.

"I am going to Colorado this weekend (Oct. 22) and I am excited about that. I am going to see what they are all about.

"My next visit will be to Cal with two of my teammates, Travon Patterson and Terrence Austin (wide receivers). We all want to take a look at that school when they play USC, and we are trying to get that worked out.

"For my last trip, I will probably sit on it and maybe I won't even take it. I probably will use it to go to USC and just experience them.

"USC is my number two choice even though they haven't offered because I have been talking to them and I believe they will eventually produce an offer when it comes to it. I just talked with Jethro Franklin (defensive line coach) tonight (Oct. 19). They make sure to keep in contact with me, and we are in constant contact with one another," Joseph said.

"Schools are looking at me to play cornerback, and I feel real good about that," he explained. "When I started playing, my coach had me as a free safety, but then he said I was too short and switched me to cornerback. I did not like that position at first -- I mean I really didn't like it. I started at that position as a sophomore and have been starting in that position for three years now, and I have learned a couple of things and can play it fluently now.

"I have some confidence in the way I play at corner. Corner is now my first choice.

"I am looking for the basic, main qualities that you normally look for in a school. My major, of course, and a real good school. I want a family atmosphere and a school that is not too far away. I want to like my coaches and I need to be on a team that has a tendency to win. I know everyone wants to win, but I really hate losing. I hate it! I want to know that if I lose at least I am on a team whose players feel the same way I do. I just need to be competitive," he stated.

"I've got to be at a school that will let me do both football and track. I have been doing football and track for so long I am just used to it. All are saying I can do both since they know that I have been on national championship teams (in track). All they say is that if I keep my grades up then I can do both.

"I like football a lot and it is my first sport. Track is number two and it is there to keep me going in the off-season and make me faster."

Joseph posts times of 10.53 in the 100 meters and 21.30 in the 200.

He suffered a high ankle sprain and has been out for two weeks. "I came back last week, and now I am healed and this week will be my first game back at 100 percent," he said. He reports 13 tackles. "They were real good tackles, too--the kind where I came from 30 yards behind." He also has one field goal block and one reception for 30 yards.

Long Beach Poly (4-2) hosts Cabrillo (Lompoc) on Oct. 21.

He reports a 2.8 GPA and a 920 SAT, but retook it on Oct. 8. "I should have the scores by next week. I know I got a real good score this time."

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