"If It were Up to Me…"

Colton High School, Calif., linebacker/safety Allen Bradford (6-0, 222, 4.55) has a top four in UCLA, USC, California and Oregon, according to his father Keith.

"Those are the ones he's got it narrowed down to, and as far as I know, there is no leader in that group," his father said.

"If it were up to me he would go to Nebraska. I like Nebraska. I like the coaching staff and the school. They stress a lot on academics. I liked the visit."

So far, Allen Bradford has visited Nebraska (Sept. 2) and Oregon (Sept. 24). "He is probably going to go on the rest of his officials after the season. That will be to UCLA, SC, and Cal. I think he is trying to set up an official with SC for the game against UCLA," his father said.

He continued, "I got him hooked on it (football) by watching Raiders games when he was a little kid. He saw me get all excited when they made big plays and wondered why I was hollering at the TV. As he grew older, I explained the game more in depth to him and he began to understand and appreciate what he was watching. Now he just loves the game."

Bradford reports 1,030 rushing yards for 16 touchdowns and 15 catches for 315 yards and three touchdowns. He also has 90 tackles and nine sacks. Colton (6-1) travels to Rialto on Oct. 28.

2.6 GPA/Oct. SAT retake unreported

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