"It's That Close!"

Defensive end Alex Parsons (6-4, 260, 4.8), from Irvine, Calif., has seven offers and seven favorites.

"I have no favorites. They are all in it right now," explained Parsons, of Woodbridge High. "I can't even name a top five -- it's that close."

Parsons named his favorites in this order: USC, UCLA, Arizona, Arizona State, Utah, Kentucky and Oregon.

"I like each for a different reason," he said.

"I have been to SC and UCLA unofficially and it's fun going up there. I was at SC for a game, and I have set up an official there for Dec. 16. I think they are done with their regular season by then, so there won't be a game. I will be going to see the UCLA-SC game, though.

"SC is one of the best schools in the nation and they have a good law school. UCLA is also one of the best schools in the nation and they have a good medical school. Those are two areas I am thinking of going into," Parsons said.

"I just got back from an official at Arizona on Oct. 21 and they have a wonderful campus. Everything was recently remodeled. The coaching staff treated me real well. They offer one of the best business schools in the nation.

"I haven't been to Arizona State yet, but I like how they are recruiting me.

"I like how Utah has been recruiting me. They have been there since the beginning.

"I like how Oregon is in a small town, and how everything revolves around the school.

"My brother (B. Jay Parsons -- defensive end) goes to Kentucky. I used to live in the West Virginia/Kentucky areas and I have lots of relatives around there," he said.

Parsons added, "My goal with my official visits is to see how I fit in, and see if I bond well with the coaches and the players and make my decision based on that. I'm not sure where I am going to take the rest of my officials other than the ones I mentioned. I have no preference whether a school is far away or near here."

He reports 75 tackles, three sacks, 21 rushes for 112 yards and one touchdown, and three catches for 65 yards. Woodbridge (0-7) will play Irvine on Oct. 28.

3.0 GPA/1370 SAT

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