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The last time we checked in with our "eDuck at Autzen Stadium" series, the Ducks had just crushed Washington. Now at 8-1, Oregon fans nationwide are congregating to eDuck as the team takes one big step closer to a 10-1 regular season. In this edition, eDuckers open up and explain what exactly the "eDuck Community" is.

Early this morning, Glen Gogburn awoke in his home in Kenai, Alaska to a snow-covered ground and a temperature hovering just above zero degrees. Living in Oregon, one can easily network with Duck fans, but up in snowy Alaska, Duck fans are few and far between. This is where eDuck comes into play for Glen, aka BarrowDuck. "I just love Oregon football so much," he said. "I can't get enough talk about it. eDuck is like a lifeline of info for me."

The eDuck girls toughing it out on Saturday

Jason Start, aka ChicagoGreen, discovered eDuck by searching for info on the internet on Duck recruiting. We asked Jason why he enjoys eDuck and he said, without a doubt, "the community. I've made real-life friends – WeBDucks, Duxfan, etc. through the boards. I have traveled with many of them and enjoy meeting new people with the passion of the Ducks." Jason may live in Chicago, but eDuck has given him the chance to meet up with Duck fans he met online at road games.

Now eDuck is not known to be a dating service. However, for Susan, known as DuckBabe on eDuck, she was led to her husband through the eDuck community. It all started with her dad discovering eDuck in it's early stages.

November 5th, Autzen South-side

"He was obsessed with checking eDuck six years ago," Susan said. "Anyway, he was monopolizing the computer and I finally wanted to see what it was about. I started reading eDuck and checked it out. I've been addicted ever since."

Susan said she was drawn by the community feeling and the football analysis with different people's opinions on the game. But eDuck was more than just an online tailgate party for this Duck babe. Susan was introduced to her future husband thanks to a poster on eDuck. Would she have met him if it weren't for eDuck? "Highly doubtful, being that he's a Beaver and all." Susan added that she has been able to sell every extra ticket she had this season thanks to eDuck and the Ticket Exchange message board.

Now as a forewarning, don't come to eDuck expecting to meet your future spouse... but anything could happen. What you can expect is thousands of Duck fans daily discussing Oregon and college football, unmatched information on recruiting, and a Duck community, both on-line and off, that will change your Oregon sports experience forever!

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