eDuck at Autzen Stadium - the Last Act

As we conclude our eDuck at Autzen Stadium series, I hope that I can relate my passion of this website into words. It's been an honor to intern with eDuck and share this amazing season with you all. To witness the Ducks blowout Oregon State in the Civil War with my fellow fans was the perfect end to the regular season.

During my time interning with eDuck, I've learned a few things about this community. For one, it's a melting pot of opinions and backgrounds that cannot be matched anywhere else on the web. I've seen what other sites have to offer, and eDuck is unrivaled in Duck discourse. Every thread of posts contains knowledge and opinions from all kinds of backgrounds that makes for excellent discussion. I've learned 10 times as much about football from eDuckers than I would have by just watching the game. Between you and I and a few other thousand eDuckers, someone is bound to know all the intricacies and rules of college football, so a question is never left unanswered.

The Golden O.

Secondly, you fans are passionate. Autzen Stadium has undoubtedbly built a reputation of having some of the loudest and most passionate fans in the country. Just ask coach Carr what he thinks, or give Corso a call. See that big golden O on the right? That's what drives us to do what we do as Duck fans. We feel allegiance to the O and everything it represents. That passion is seen on our message boards just the same.

Thirdly, eDuck has the best compilation of Duck news and recruiting stories on the web. Other sites may specialize in recruiting, news updates, videos, or player interviews. Here at eDuck, we bring it all to one place for you. The Duck Scoop has all the newslinks. The national Scout writers provide the recruiting updates. The message boards have you awesome fans. Why pick and choose from one site when you can find it all here on eDuck?

Moshofsky Center pregame action.

Finally, I've come to realize that I, like many of you, have an addiction. I used to be your typical Duck fan. I went to home games, watched away games from the couch, and talked about last Saturday's game with a few buddies. Then I found eDuck a few years ago and joined the growing community of Duck fans around here. I cannot remember the last day I have not checked eDuck in the last three or four years. It's true. I, like so many of you, come to eDuck every single day.

I encourage you new visitors to take a look around the website, read up on our services, and to join the growing number of Duck fans who visit eDuck every day. You can sign up and get a great deal today. We would love to have you! Thanks for you time, thanks for you support, and Go Ducks! Let's go bowling...

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