Hill gives visit a '10'

Scout.com spoke Sunday night with Derrick Hill, a 6-foot-2, 282-pound defensive tackle from McClymonds High School in Oakland, Calif. Hill recently spent time in the Northwest watching the Civil War between Oregon and Oregon State, and had nothing but positive things to say about his official visit.

"I was trying to go to sleep, but there's too many people here right now," Hill said after getting back from his trip. He gave his official visit to Eugene and the University of Oregon a '10', despite the fact that the Civil War was played in heavy fog and cold conditions.

"I didn't mind it," Hill said of the weather. "It was cold, but it was a good cold. They plain demolished Oregon State from the get-go. And they have players that remind me of myself. They were down-to-earth."

His trip to Eugene is the second official visit Hill has taken. Ironically enough, he saw the Ducks play on his first visit - to Tucson - on an official visit to the University of Arizona. "Both were over the top," he said. "The Colorado trip was alright, but looking at Arizona and Oregon - that trip has nothing on those two."

Hill got to see a lot of the inner-workings of the Oregon football program, including the wardrobe change the Ducks made from pre-game to the game itself. They had on yellow jerseys before the Civil War, but unleashed new jerseys on an unsuspecting fan base right before game-time.

They got the Derrick Hill-seal of approval.

"They had the new jerseys underneath their yellow ones," he said. "I saw 'em when the team did, in the locker room. It was supposed to be a surprise for the crowd. It showed originality, and the new jerseys were worth doing it for. They were clean. And people don't see all the cool under-armor too. It's all clean."

But that wasn't the thing that impressed Hill the most. "The thing that impressed me about Oregon was the locker room," he said. "It was all state-of-the-art. Each locker had it's own ventilation, so everything would be dry when you got back. They know how to impress people."

Ra'Shon Harris and Kevin Garrett were the Ducks that hosted Derrick on his trip. "The whole team was cool," he said. But it's still all in the information-gathering stage for Hill at this point, as he still wants to take his final two visits before making a decision. "I've just been taking my time," he added.

He will take his official visits to USC (12/2) and California (12/10) and then make a 'silent commit'. "Then I'll let the world know at the (U.S. Army All-American Bowl) game," he added. In the meantime, Hill still has some unfinished business to take care of for McClymonds. They just defeated Fremont 76-12 and will play Oakland Tech in the Silver Bowl two weeks from now. It's going to be played at the home of the Oakland Raiders - Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum - and that has Hill pumped up to no end.

"That's when the big names step up in the big games," he said of the Silver Bowl. Hill admitted that he's been slowed by a slight MCL tear, one he's had to play basically the whole season on. "It's not going to stop me from playing," Hill said.

"I'm going to leave everything on that field. I may even leave my clothes."

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