In Limbo

"I'm still just waiting for someone to offer," said Jeron Mastrud (6-6, 248, 4.95) of Southridge High School in Beaverton, Ore. "I've sent out tapes of my games recently, and I'm hoping that programs I've been talking to have a chance to review them and hopefully things will pick up pretty soon," he added.

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"I haven't really narrowed a list down, because I don't have any offers. I have been talking with Washington, Oregon, Oregon State and Stanford. I am also interested in Arizona State, but I don't know how interested they are in me -- I know they can get kids from California and Arizona, and places like that, rather than a guy like me.

"I've also been hearing from Ivy League schools, but number one, I've never been over there. It's far away and they would be a different kind of football than playing in the Pac-10. Though, they do offer a good education, so I'm not going to rule them out," Mastrud explained.

"Also, this year I was kind of moved back from playing quarterback. I play tight end and defensive end. So, I don't know what position I am going to play in college. I don't really care what position, but I think that's part of the problem in schools recognizing what position I would play," he added.

He has been to a few games unofficially, including one trip up to Washington for the USC game, three times to Oregon, and three times to Oregon State. He was at Arizona State for a camp last summer, as well as a camp at Stanford.

"I really like the stadium at Washington. They have a great game day atmosphere. They have a good coach in Tyrone Willingham with assistants that believe in him, so I think they are going to be a program on the rise. When I went up for the game I talked to the assistants there and they were great guys.

"Oregon State is the closest to where I live. Both of my parents went there and a lot of people I know are at Oregon State. Plus, they were kind of a program I watched growing up," he said.

Mastrud continued, "Oregon probably had the best of the three games I watched. They are doing well in the Pac-10 and they have good players.

"With Stanford, I realize that I am not one of their highest prospects. I will just wait until they review the game tapes and make their decisions and see what they say."

Mastrud helped his team to a 9-2 record this season, including the school's first-ever league championship.

He reports a 3.97 grade-point-average with an 1100 on the Math and Verbal sections of the new version of the SAT. He said he would like to better his score, and plans on a retake in December, as well as a first-time ACT.

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