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Defensive tackle Sione Fua (6-2, 290, 4.9) from Encino Crespi Carmelite (Calif.) just returned from his official visit to BYU. "I went alone," Fua said. "I guess you could say the highlight was that I liked just hanging out with the players and seeing how close they were to each other.

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"The only other trip I've taken so far was to California. It seemed to me like the players at BYU were a little closer to each other. Even though I had a better experience at BYU during my trip than I did at Cal, I would still choose Cal over BYU because I think Cal is really up-and-coming and they have great coaches there.

"Also, Cal is closer to my home and it would be easier for my parents to see me play if I go there. Overall, I would say Cal holds a slight lead over BYU, Stanford and Oregon, in that order. Cal wants me to play the offensive line while all the other programs are recruiting me for the defensive line.

"I like defense better, but I'm better at offense. I haven't fully developed on defense yet," he said. "I'm very critical of myself and I didn't have the year I wanted to have on defense. I think Cal wants me for offense because they have a bigger need for me there.

"I'm definitely going to take my remaining two trips to Stanford (Jan. 13) and Oregon (Jan. 20). I like Stanford because it's a great education and their new coaching staff will be really good, I think. They also have a lot of young players so I think their team is going to get a lot better. I've been to their Junior Day, but no other time.

"Oregon has a lot of tradition and the coaching staff is really stable. I really like that. They've had a lot of winning seasons in the last few years too.

"I'll announce my decision pretty soon after my last visit to Oregon. Cal only has two or three spots left I think with about five offers out. What I'm saying is that my decision might move up if I find out that a school might not have room for me if a guy they have ranked behind me might commit.

"I'm a Mormon," Fua said. "And I will take a two-year mission, but I'll go to college for a year before I take that mission. It'll work this way because I have a late birthday."

Fua reports a 4.0 GPA/1670 SAT--"I'd like to study along the lines of business."

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