Construction Update, June 2002

BigDuckFan1 has provided eDuckers some great photos and comments regarding the stadium. Thanks BigDuckFan1!

BigDuckfan1 writes:

"The field-level pictures do absolutely no justice for how imposing the structure hangs over the field. The roof isn't even in place yet. I got goose bumps down there imagining how tremendously loud it will be on the field. The structure will LOOK louder than those additional 13,000 fans.

There is a suite about 80 feet above the floor and looks down on the roof of the north sky suite. The fans in the suite will only be able to recognize jersey numbers by watching the (to-be-installed) flat-screen panel TVs. I feel sorry for Jerry Allen and the rest of the media, two stories above that suite!

There are tons of restrooms on the south side. Plus, there will be plenty of restrooms for the RV crowd in the parking area just outside the east tunnels.

Features, like the stadium's mid-level tunnels, give the stadium a 'Big League' feel."

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