Bill Moos Statement Regarding Ernie Kent

Bill Moos, director of athletics at the University of Oregon, issued the following statement Tuesday afternoon regarding the University's men's basketball program:

"For the past ten years, the University of Oregon has entrusted me with making decisions regarding its intercollegiate athletic program. With that said, I have decided to retain Ernie Kent as Oregon's head men's basketball coach. I have come to this conclusion after two days of discussions with Ernie and others within his program."

"No one is more disappointed with the outcome of this season than Ernie. He genuinely hurts for his players, coaches and the fans. I do feel however, that he continues to possess the energy and passion that are necessary to regain the unprecedented success that Oregon has enjoyed during his tenure as head coach."

"I believe strongly that stability in the program is extremely important. If we had been struggling in mediocrity for the past nine years, my decision would have been different. Though the past couple years have not been what anyone was expecting, I am confident that we can improve dramatically. The best way to accomplish this, in my opinion, is to keep the leadership of the men's basketball program intact."

"I also bear the responsibility for the current and long term financial condition of Oregon athletics and because of that, have made the determination to forgo my option to extend Ernie's contract past the 2010 season. It is my sincere hope that the results of next season will give me reason to reverse that decision."

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