Packaged Passion?

Westlake Village (Calif.) defensive end Mike Ebbitt (6-5, 240) slightly favors Oregon over Arizona and Tennessee. He said he has offers from Arizona, Arizona State, Oregon, Oregon State, Washington, Washington State, Virginia, Tennessee and Utah.

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"Pass rushing is my passion," said Ebbitt, from Oak Christian High School. "That's why I like the Pac-10 so much. The Big-10 and Big-12 are more about running whereas the Pac-10 is all about pass rushing. I think that's going to be a big influence in my decision.

"Oregon is my top choice right now. I took a trip to there a couple of weeks ago," he said. "I loved the campus and facilities there. Everything is so high-tech. I talk with Coach (Steve) Greatwood about once a week. They seem really excited about me. They said they want to put some weight one me and I could possibly see some early playtime. I'd fit perfectly there."

Ebbitt, who also attended the USC Junior Day, said he and his teammates, safety Marshall Jones and defensive end Duke Lemmens, are all looking to go to school together. "Me, Duke and Marshall are looking at the same places. We all have offers to Oregon, Arizona and Tennessee. That's going to be a big influence in my decision.

"We all went down to Arizona a month ago," Ebbitt said. "I really liked the campus and the weight room. They were the nicest I've seen. I've talked to Coach (Charlie) Williams a lot since my offer came in last month. They have a strong program and I really like where it is going.

"I really like Tennessee a lot too. That was my first visit. I went with half of my team to their junior day there (5-6 prospects actually went) and I really liked what I saw. I love the south--how much they are into football. They are a strong program and always will be.

Ebbitt, who has family in Texas and Virginia, said he also is considering Texas and Virginia Tech. Neither school has offered. "If I got an offer from Texas or Virginia Tech they would definitely move into high consideration," he said. "My brother lives in Texas and I'm going to visit him next month. I love Texas and that whole area. I've sent both Texas and VT my tape but I haven't heard much from them except a letter thanking me for my interest. We'll see what happens.

"My strength is pass rushing. I'm really good in the weight room too. I'm very disciplined. I think I need to work on my temper on the field. I tend to get pretty fired up sometimes which can be a good and a bad thing."

Final junior (13-0) stats: 5 sacks

Ebbitt reports a 3.0 core GPA and is awaiting April 8 ACT results.

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