Forget the Big Easy

Woodland Hills (Calif.) defensive tackle Darrion Weems(6-5, 265, 5.1) said Oregon is still his top choice but things might change with an offer from USC.

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"If USC offered…it would be really tight between them and Oregon," said Weems, of Taft High School. "USC have been recruiting me pretty hard lately. Coach (Steve) Sarkisian has been text messaging and sending me a lot of stuff in the mail. I really like their campus and their facilities. Who wouldn't want an offer from them?

"Oregon (offer) has been recruiting really hard too. They bring a lot to the field and their players always seem prepared. I haven't been to the campus, but I'm going to camp there in June."

Weems said he is also being recruited by Washington, Texas A&M, Rutgers, TCU and Michigan.

"Texas A&M has really stepped up recruiting me too," he said. "I've started getting a lot of stuff from them recently. They've been text messaging me a lot too. They want me to come to camp, but I'm not sure if I'm going to go or not."

Weems, who is originally from New Orleans but came to Southern California after Hurricane Katrina, said that he really isn't interested in going back to the Big Easy. "I don't really like any southern schools. I like it out here better. New Orleans was more power football, where California plays more of a passing game…a lot faster.

"My dad doesn't want me to go to Oregon, I don't know why," Weems said. "My mom wants me to go to USC because her uncle went there. I'm taking things one day at a time and if an offer from USC comes in then that's something I'm going to have to think really hard about."

Weems reports a 2.8 GPA but is not scheduled to take the SAT yet

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