Back-Up Plan

"I'll never forget something Coach (Charlie) Weis said to me…When you go to college, don't think about the next four years, but the next 40 years," said Portland (Ore.) defensive tackle Myles Wade (6-2, 305, 4.9). "That really stuck with me. You always have to have a back-up plan just in case football doesn't work out. My back-up plan is a good education."

Myles Wade Profile

Wade denies a leader but said he favors Oregon, Oregon State, Notre Dame, USC and Washington. The Ducks and the Beavers have offered.

"I think Oregon and Oregon State are at the top of my list because they are the only ones to offer so far," said Wade, of Benson Technical High School. "I'm getting a lot of attention from pretty much all the Pac-10 schools, plus Colorado, Boise State and Notre Dame.

"I just got my offer from Oregon on Wednesday (4/28). I went to see Coach (Mike) Bellotti and Coach (Michael) Gray. Coach Bellotti is a really great guy. They told me that they need to fill in the depth on the D-line and that they heard about me my sophomore year. They said I could come in and do some damage as a freshman. I like that Oregon wins. They have a really strong program and to have the chance to make an early impact there is a great opportunity. The facilities are 10 out of 10 for sure and the entire staff is quality.

"I like Oregon State too," said the four-star defender. "They offered me on September 1, 2005. I've kept in contact with them for a while. Coach (Nigel) Burton and I talk a lot. He's a great guy…someone I feel I can really trust. I really liked the whole vibe there…it was a good environment. Also, both Oregon and Oregon State are known for their strong academics.

"I went to junior day at Notre Dame in January. I was blown away by the campus and facilities. They send me a lot of mail. I've talked to Coach (Brian) Polian and he said he's coming to my school next week. I really like Coach (Jappy) Oliver too. He's a really good guy. Coach Oliver told me I'd have a chance to play my freshman year because they need more depth at DT. Hopefully I'll get the offer after they come out or sometime soon after that. Coach Oliver said right now they want to see me in person before they make a move.

"USC has sent me lots of stuff. I really like them. They're always in contention," Wade said. "I've talked to Coach (Rocky) Seto and he wanted me to come down for junior day, but I couldn't make it. He told me that the D-line is high priority for them so they're really interested in seeing me. I really love the tradition there. I'm planning on getting down there as soon as I can…hopefully sometime before summer.

"I really like Washington too. I talked to Coach Randy Hart in mid-April. He said that they really liked my film and wants me to come up for a visit. I'm going up there in three weeks for camp. I want to get my name out there—especially with Coach (Tyrone) Willingham. I really respect his coaching style and I'd like to see how we mesh in person."

Wade said his strength is his determination. "I never stop. I go from whistle-to-whistle. My motto is always to never quit. I want to work on my technique. When I go to different camps this summer, I want to pick up moves that will be affective against offensive lines."

Final junior (3-6) stats: 55 tackles/eight sacks/three forced fumbles/three fumble recoveries/one safety

Bench: 415/Squat: 520

Wade reports a 2.8 core GPA/May first-time SAT.

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