Police release details of Jan. 14 incident

The Eugene Police Department (EPD) released documents on Friday that contained the EPD report and a supplemental report from the University of Oregon Department f Public Safety (UODPS) regarding an incident on January 14, 2006 at Barnhart Hall, just off the campus of the University of Oregon. The incident involved two potential football recruits making an official visit to Oregon.

According to the EPD report and the UODPS supplemental report, the recruits, Major Culbert and Marvin Johnson were at Barnhart Hall on January 13th and initially were in Kevin Garret's room. The report says two girls who also live at Barnhart Hall met the two recruits earlier in the evening of the 13th in hallway and learned the two football recruits hosted by Garrett.

The two girls left the dorm after meeting Culbert and Johnson and around 12:30 a.m. on the Jan 14, after returning to the dorm the girls ran into Culbert and Johnson outside of their room in the hallway. The two recruits asked the girls if they could hangout together and the girls invited the two into their room. Once inside one of the girls told police that she left the door open.

EPD then reports that Johnson got onto one of the girl's bed and Culbert got onto the other girl's bed.

One of the girls then went to Garret's room to inform him that the recruits were in the girls' room. She then went back to her room and left the door open.

One of the girl's pant legs were wet from walking home in the rain and Culbert said to her, "Why don't you take off your pants? They're wet."

Culbert motioned to the bed asked, "Why don't you just hang out?"

Both girls told police that Johnson didn't say much but nodded his head in agreement with Culbert. One of the girls then got up and sat on the bed near Culbert's feet. The other girl did not sit next to Marvin.

Culbert then asked a question (the content of the question was blanked out on the police report). Both girls told the police officer that they interpreted the term (that was blanked out) to mean sluts or easy sexually.

Culbert made a comment and one of the girls responded, "You are disrespecting us and you need to leave."

Culbert then stood and closed the door to the room. He turned the room light off and attempted to turn off the computer to darken the room. One of the girls tried to open the door but Culbert blocked her path with his body and pushed her away from the door. After pushing her away from the door Culbert used his body and hands to pin her against the wall.

"He was holding my right should with his left hand. He kept saying '(word or words blanked out)' while rubbing my crotch with his right hand," said the girl. She repeatedly told him to stop and tried to push him away.

The girl was able to free herself and opened the door. She pushed Culbert out of the room and turned on the light.

The second girl told police that when Culbert initially closed the door, Johnson came over to her bed and sat next to her.

"He (Johnson) put his arm over my lap," she told the police officer. "He was rubbing my thighs and crotch."

She told Johnson to stop and that they (the two males) needed to leave the room. She attempted to stand but Johnson flexed his arm so she couldn't get up.

The second girl told police that Johnson then released her and exited the room when the first girl pushed Culbert out of the room.

Both girls told EPD that the two recruits were laughing and joking as they walked down the hall. Later that night, one of the girls indicated the girls found a message on their door. It said, "We sorry. -- Recruits"

One of the girls also noticed that the faces on a photo of the two girls that was posted on the door had been scribbled out.

EPD asked both girls if they thought the physical contact made by Johnson and Culbert was intended to sexual in nature and both girls said yes.

"Especially considering what they were saying to us before," said one of the girls.

The UODPS narrative and the EPD report are essentially the same however the UODPS report also indicates that after the incident one of the girls went to Garret's room and told him what happened. The girl said that Garret told her he would call the the two recruts and have them apologize. She returned to her room and locked the door. Later the girls found the apology note from the recruits. The UODPS report also states that one of the girls said that a UO football player told them that the UO football recruiting coach would be informed of the incident and would handle it. One of the girls told UODPS, that after two weeks she had not heard from a football coach.

There is no indication in either the EPD report or the UODPS report why the girls did not immediately contact police.

Neither EPD nor UODPS began their investigation until Jan. 27, 2006, almost two weeks after the incident. According to the documents UODPS responded to a report of "inappropriate groping" at Barnhart Hall.

The UODPS report also mentions that on Jan. 27 at 9 p.m., UODPS notified the Oregon football program of the investigation and requested the names of the recruits. Jeff Hawkins of the Oregon staff returned the UODPS call the next day and referred the investigator to Coach Don Pellum. The investigator phoned and emailed Pellum at 5:30 p.m. On Jan. 30, Pellum and Hawkins went to the UODPS offices and provided the names of the recruits. The two coaches also wanted information from UODPS about the complaint. However, UODPS informed the two that the matter was under investigation and UODPS could not release details of the case.

Johnson was arraigned on Wednesday (May 24) morning in Lane County Circuit Court. He pled not guilty and was released on his own recognizance. He will again return to court on June 28.

The Lincoln Journal Star is reporting that Culbert will be arraigned on May 30 in Lane County Circuit Court.

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