The Heat's Just Fine

Offensive lineman Sam DeMartinis (6-6, 270, 5.5) from Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks (Calif.) said he now has 14 offers (nine written). "Arizona State has about a 10 percent lead over San Diego State right now, followed by Oregon and Arizona," DeMartinis said.

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"Arizona State is taking four or five offensive linemen and I could come into the program with them. We would become good friends because we'd all have come in at the same time. I could get used to the heat, and I like the idea of wearing shorts and sandals in wintertime anyway. Their campus and facilities are really nice, too. The football building looks right over the field," DeMartinis said.

"My brother, Tony DeMartinis, will be a redshirt sophomore at San Diego State, which is only two hours from home on a good day. I'm already close with all of the new coaching staff because I met them so many times when they were recruiting my brother two years ago. Their offensive line coach, Jonathan Himebauch, even used to be the head coach of a high school team I played against last year," he said. "San Diego is a great area and I could really see myself playing there. The fact that my brother plays there has a strong impact on me. It'd be nice to ask him questions and have his help," he said.

"Oregon doesn't have a slight lead anymore because two offensive linemen (Carson York and Charlie Carmichael) already committed, and Oregon doesn't need anymore. I visited back on spring break, and the facilities were the best--especially the locker room. The program has been doing great the past few years, and I still love the coaches because I could see myself working with them.

"I know Arizona's program is on the rise, but I don't know much else about it. So, I am going to visit in July and also stop by Arizona State again on the same trip," DeMartinis said.

"Sometime after the season I'll sit down with my parents and family and we'll make the decision. I don't want to commit until late January so that I can see what else comes up."

DeMartinis reports a 3.0 core GPA.

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