Bugs the Size of Hands!

Palmdale (Calif.) offensive/defensive lineman Hayworth Hicks (6-4, 333, 5.1) said he favors Oregon slightly over Washington State, San Diego State, Mississippi, Washington and Arizona State. All have offered.

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"I like playing offensive left tackle the best just because I think I am better at it—but as long as I get to play football, I don't mind which position I play in college," Hicks said.

"The Ducks have a good work-out program so that I can stay in shape. They will also help me keep my grades up in school. I've heard so many people say good things about Oregon, even though they are recruiting me for defense," he said. "I don't plan to visit until after Christmas for an official trip because I'm busy until then.

"My dad really likes the Cougars. He wants me to go to a Pac-10 school because then he'll be able to watch my games on TV. I like the way Washington State is recruiting me—they want me to come out and visit as soon as I can," he said.

"San Diego State has a lot of former teammates from my high school. If I went there, I would have friends to go with to BBQs, and my dad would be able to drive to the home games.

"Ole Miss was the first to offer me. I wouldn't mind going so far from home because I would like to get away on my own. I heard that Mississippi has bugs the size of your hands, though, and I don't do bugs.

"The Huskies got real interested in me after they came to visit at my school. They want me for defense because they think I am better at it. Washington also says that I would have a better chance at the NFL if I played college football as a defensive lineman," Hicks said.

"Arizona State has helpful coaches and I think the school could help me keep my grades up. Derek Hagan (wide receiver) went from Palmdale to Arizona State and now he's being drafted into the NFL. He came to visit his sister who goes to my high school, and stopped by the football team to tell us about the Sun Devils.

"I won't decide on a school until the last minute because I won't be visiting any until I take my official visits," he said. "I want coaches who make me feel like they want me to play at their school."

Hicks reports a 2.0 core GPA and awaits his June 3 SAT.

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