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Rolling Hills (Calif.) center Todd Huber (6-3, 280, 5.0) said he has offers from Oregon, Washington, Washington State, Boise State, Stanford and Arizona State. The Palos Verdes Peninsula High School prospect, who also plays defensive line, said, "I've played defensive line all my life, so when I started playing offense last year, it was a nice change. I'm a perfect fit as a center.

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"I have football IQ because I've been around the game so much. When I am walking up to the line, I know exactly what I'm supposed to do. I can judge the plays," Huber said. "I'm very physical on the field, and I play hard every play. We run the ball 99 percent of the time. Everyone has room to work on their footwork, but what I would mostly like to improve is my pass blocking.

"I know I could see myself playing and going to school at Stanford, and the academics are a big plus. I went to the Nike camp and that's where I really exploded recruiting-wise. I stayed for their junior day, and coach (Walt) Harris called me into his office and offered me. Stanford was my brother's (Scott Huber) second choice under USC. I also have some former team-mates who go there," Huber said.

"Cal Berkeley told me they were close to offering me, but I know they don't offer early. I visited in spring and I'll go back to watch a summer practice in July or early August. They were one of the first schools to recruit me. It's an offensive team and they are redoing their facilities. The people are different up there…sort of hippie-ish…and the campus has a river running through it. It was beautiful.

"USC's coaches came down to my school and then I went to their linemen camp on June 17 to get a little more attention. USC has its draws for any kid. They are the number one football school in the nation, and recently the program is taking off. My mom went to school there, and my older brother played there from the time I was eight to twelve years old," he said.

"Washington's coach, (Ty) Willingham, has coached at a lot of big schools. I remember him sitting in my living room when I was a kid and he was recruiting my brother. He's always stood out to me because his presence takes over the room. Washington's program is turning around and they have above average academics. They peak my interest, and I am a pretty independent guy, so I wouldn't mind living up there.

"Oregon's coach (Mike) Bellotti is very nice, but they may not be taking any more offensive linemen because they already have two offensive line commitments. But I haven't talked to them in awhile.

"I will either narrow down some favorites or commit by end of summer, but right now I don't have a leader. I want a school with a solid business department and a head and position coach who has the same philosophy as me. I also want the school I choose to be a contender for the national championship every year, if not a winning team," Huber said.

Final junior season stats: 90 tackles/8 sacks/1 interception/2 recovered fumbles /2 forced fumbles; 72 pancake blocks.

Huber reports a 3.9 core GPA and an 1820 SAT score.

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