Ducks to Host 2009 NCAA Tourney Games

The University of Oregon and the City of Portland will host the first and second rounds of the 2009 Tournament at the Rose Garden on Thursday, March 19th and Saturday, March 21, 2009, the NCAA announced today. The games will mark the first time in 26 years that a tourney game has been played in the State of Oregon.

"I am thrilled that the University of Oregon will serve as host for the first and second rounds of the 2009 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament" said Oregon's Athletic Director Bill Moos in a release from the University. " It is exciting to know that a piece of March Madness is finally coming back to our state. This is something that we have had as a goal for the past 10 years. I commend the Oregon Sports Authority, the Rose Garden, the Portland Oregon Visitors Association and members of my staff for the tremendous efforts that were put into securing the bid. In addition to the financial impact, this premier event will provide tremendous exposure for the University, the city of Portland and the entire state of Oregon."

The last NCAA appearance in the state was in 1983 when the first and second rounds were played at Corvallis.

The 2009 games are also the first time a Tournament game has been played in Portland in 34 years. The NCAA West Regionals were played at the Memorial Coliseum in 1975. In 1965 the NCAA Final Four were also played at the Memorial Coliseum when UCLA defeated Michigan 90-81 for the national championship. Tournament games were also played in the Rose City in 1959, 1961.

Seven NCAA champions have gone through the State of Oregon on their way to the NCAA Championship -- San Francisco in 1955 and 1956 (Corvallis), UCLA in 1964 (Corvallis) 1965 and 1975 (Portland) and North Carolina State in 1983 (Corvallis).

NCAA Tournament games have been played in the state in 18 different seasons dating back to 1952 with eventual national champs playing in nearly 40 percent of those seasons (7-of-18).

The most games played in the state have been by UCLA and Seattle University (14 each) followed by Arizona State (8), San Francisco (7) and Santa Clara (7). Oregon State has played in five tourney games with the University of Oregon has played two and the University of Portland has played one.

UCLA and Seattle University. have played the most NCAA Tournament games in the state with 14 each. Next up are Arizona State (8), San Francisco (7) and Santa Clara (7). Oregon State has played five NCAA Tournament games within Oregon, while the University of Oregon has two and Portland one.

The complete list of NCAA Tournament games played within the State of Oregon:

1983 Corvallis
First Round

Princeton 56, Oklahoma State 53
*North Carolina State 69, Pepperdine 67 (2ot)
Second Round
Boston College 51, Princeton 42
*North Carolina State 71, Nevada-Las Vegas 70

1978 Eugene
First Round

UCLA 83, Kansas 76
Arkansas 73, Weber State 52

1976 Eugene
First Round

UCLA 74, San Diego State 64
Nevada-Las Vegas 103, Boise State 78

1975 Portland
Regional Semifinals

*UCLA 67, Montana 64
Arizona State 84, Nevada-Las Vegas 81
Regional Final
*UCLA 89, Arizona State 75
Regional Third Place
Nevada-Las Vegas 75, Montana 67

1967 Corvallis
Regional Semifinals

Pacific 72, Texas-El Paso 54
*UCLA 109, Wyoming 60
Regional Final
*UCLA 80, Pacific 64
Regional Third Place
Texas-El Paso 69, Wyoming 67

1965 Portland
Final Four
National Semifinals

Michigan 93, Princeton 76
*UCLA 108, Wichita State 89
National Championship
*UCLA 91, Michigan 80
National Third Place
Princeton 118, Wichita State 82

1964 Eugene
First Round

Seattle U. 61, Oregon State 57
Utah State 92, Arizona State 90
1964 Corvallis
Regional Semifinals

*UCLA 95, Seattle U. 90
San Francisco 64, Utah State 58
Regional Final
UCLA 76, Seattle U. 72
Regional Third Place
Seattle U. 88, Utah State 78

1963 Eugene
First Round

Arizona State 79, Utah State 75 (ot)
Oregon State 70, Seattle U. 66

1962 Corvallis
First Round

Oregon State 69, Seattle U. 65 (ot)
Utah State 78, Arizona State 73

1961 Portland
First Round

Arizona State 72, Seattle U. 70
USC 81, Oregon 79
Regional Semifinals
Arizona State 86, USC 71
Utah 91, Loyola Marymount 75
Regional Final
Utah 88, Arizona State 80
Regional Third Place
Loyola Marymount 69, USC 67
1960 Corvallis
First Round

Oregon 68, New Mexico State 60

1959 Portland
First Round

DePaul 57, Portland 56

1957 Corvallis
Regional Semifinals

California 86, Brigham Young 59
San Francisco 66, Idaho State 51
Regional Final
San Francisco 50, California 46
Regional Third Place
Brigham Young 65, Idaho State 54

1956 Corvallis
Regional Semifinals

Utah 81, Seattle U. 72
*San Francisco 72, UCLA 61
Regional Finals
*San Francisco 92, Utah 77
Regional Third Place
UCLA 94, Seattle U. 70

1955 Corvallis
Regional Semifinals

Oregon State 83, Seattle U. 71
*San Francisco 78, Utah 59
Regional Finals
*San Francisco 57, Oregon State 56
Regional Third Place
Utah 108, Seattle U. 85

1954 Corvallis
First Round

Idaho State 77, Seattle U. 75 (ot)
Santa Clara 73, Texas Tech 64

Regional Semifinals
USC 73, Idaho State 59
Santa Clara 73, Colorado State 50
Regional Finals
USC 66, Santa Clara 65 (2ot)
Regional Third Place
Idaho State 62, Colorado State 57

1953 Corvallis
Regional Semifinals

Washington 74, Seattle U. 70
Santa Clara 67, Wyoming 52
Regional Finals
Washington 74, Santa Clara 62
Regional Third Place
Seattle U. 80, Wyoming 64

1952 Corvallis
Regional Semifinals

Santa Clara 68, UCLA 59
Wyoming 54, Oklahoma City 48
Regional Finals
Santa Clara 56, Wyoming 53
Regional Third Place
Oklahoma City 55, UCLA 53

*NCAA Champion

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