Laundry List's five-star, no.1 defensive end, Everson Griffen (6-4, 265, 4.55), from Agua Fria High School Avondale (Ariz.), said he favors USC and UCLA slightly over Arizona, Arizona State and Notre Dame. He also said he has strong interest in Oklahoma, Michigan, California and Oregon. All have offered. "I have about 25 written offers and over thirty total," Griffen said.

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"You could say USC and UCLA are in the lead," he said. "I like the coaching staff at USC because they are always hyped, yelling, and excited on the field. I went to their camp on June 26 and 27.

"UCLA is in Beverly Hills and its campus is beautiful. It's a program on the rise--I can tell because of the people they've been recruiting. I went to a spring practice there.

"Arizona was the first to offer me. I have a good relationship with the coaches, and my friend Devin Ross (corner) is an incoming freshman. I went to Arizona's camp on June 11," Griffen said.

"Arizona State is close to home, so my family and close friends could come see my games. Also, my cousin, Keegan Herring, is a tailback there.

"Notre Dame has good competition everyday, and what I mean by that is, I would be up against the best offensive linemen because I'm one of the best defensive ends. They also have head coach, Charlie Weis. I haven't visited yet, but I've heard good things. The only thing I wouldn't like about Notre Dame is that it's cold up there," Griffen said.

"My grandma and uncles on my step-dad's side live in Oklahoma. And Oklahoma is a winning program, too.

"Ron English at Michigan is a good coach. I would love to see the stadium at Michigan packed on game day. They have the most intense crowd of die-hard Michigan fans," he said.

"Cal has a great academic program and football program, and I think I have the grades for it. The campus is in California, so of course it's nice, and the weather is good.

"I like Oregon because some of my good friends, like Jordan Campbell (linebacker) are probably going to commit there. I want to be able to know people at whatever school I choose. And Oregon is a beautiful school, too," Griffen said.

"My quickness is my best strength, and I can knock off offensive linemen's hands before they put them on me. This summer I am running with my team and on my own for conditioning, and to get in shape for the season.

Final junior season stats: 70 tackles, 6 sacks.

Griffen reports a 3.3 core GPA and an 840 SAT.

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