Ode to the Brawl.

The Oregon Ducks conducted practice on Friday afternoon marking the first day in pads for the 2006 Fall Camp. As can be expected from a group of highly competitive athletes there was a little shoving and pushing going on. An anonymous contributor offers the commentary below.

It's been a fall camp to remember
and I tell you this tale
that a fight broke out
and I wondered who would prevail!

It all started so calmly
in the sweltering heat of the day
young men in their pads
and old reporters working their beat.

Someone cried out from the stands
and without warning the pile shifted
My god they are they are right!

The beef rolled around
all tethered and all in a tangle
and the sideline reporters perked up
while the photogs moved for a better angle.

It is a story in the making
and as the players marked their turf
the photogs and reporters wondered
who would file first.

Protected by helmets
that should never be taken off
the players rolled around
punching and snarling no ground to be lost.

Charges of cowardliness could not be accused.
meanwhile some of us desperately searching
for our cell phones
after all this is HOT NEWS.

But alas a voice
without disdain or despair
Shouted out with authority
"Climb those damn stairs!"

So the fight was over and the winner was clear
Steve Greatwood was triumphant
and the sounds of climbing footsteps
was all one could hear.

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